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Wonder Woman 2017 Movie Review

Updated on June 2, 2017

As in every review I do I will give you my honest opinions and impressions of the film after first viewing. This will be a non-spoiler review to give everyone a chance to see the film before spoiling it. Before I dive into the review I had a few worries about this film. But, after watching I can safely say that my worries have been alleviated, and that DC has done a good job with the portrayal of Wonder Woman. I'll be honest here DC needed Wonder Woman to be successful after there disappointing Batman v. Superman. Will Wonder Woman be a reset to the DC Cinematic Universe? Lets find out!

The Review

Wonder Woman is a film you guys go out and watch right now. DC has done a good job giving her justice in this film, and giving female lead superhero films a boost opening the door for more. I actually hope they make sequel for this film because it deserves it, and I would go and watch it if they make it on the level of this film.

As seen in trailers this film takes place around World War I, and is also a origin story of Wonder Woman giving us a look at her before the events of Justice League. That said, if you're a hardcore fan of Wonder Woman and have seen other films, books, and comics you'll be a little disappointed here. But, for mass audiences and people who are new to Wonder Woman this film is a good start at introducing them to the character for the first time.

The film portrays Wonder Woman as the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus which isn't the same as the comics where she is sculpted out of clay and given life. This means that Dianna is fully fledged demigod instead of a very gifted Amazon warrior. But, I feel this origin is more appealing as it follows closer to Greek mythology and makes her a more powerful character in DC's cinematic universe. It also showcases her as an equal to Superman and potentially her as more powerful. Which is on par with her showings against him in comics.

Trinity | Source

Although how this applies to the cinematic universe will be up to DC and how they want to portray her in Justice League. However, in this film she is slowly developing her powers as a demigoddess and doesn't fully tap into all her powers till the end of the film. But, I have to say the last fight in the film is a little disappointing and isn't on the magnitude as you would of seen in the animated movie Wonder Woman 2009. This is relatively minor though because the action of this film makes it up. Even though those scenes were short they were well done and I wish they were longer. CGI doesn't really play a factor until the last fight and even than they used it to much. The last fight itself lasted for about 15 minutes and within that span they crammed in a movies worth of it. Still that's only a minor gripe because a lot of the film used practical effects, and the action fight scenes in the film reminds you of 300. Which had a lot of well done fights throughout that film.

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot
Chris Pine and Gal Gadot | Source

Gal Gadot has eliminated all my fears of her not being able to portray Wonder Woman, and she has really sold me on her performance continuing from where she left off from Batman v. Superman. Chris Pine also makes a good performance here as a back up role next to Gal Gadot as Steve Trevor. I definitely bought into their performance as a duo and they both complemented each other well through the entire film. You're definitely sold that Steve Trevor is the catalyst to why Wonder Woman is doing what she's doing in the film, and is the main reason she has continued to aide humanity even into the future.

Steve is essentially a mentor to Wonder Woman who is still trying to learn humanity, and I feel that this film dragged this on for too long in the second act. It does make since though since Wonder Woman has been on Themyscira for most of her life. I believe it would of been more compelling if they did this in the modern era like they did in Wonder Woman 2009 which allowed for some good humor. But, I feel World War I was a good choice because a lot of superhero films don't take place during World War I. Also this makes since for the main villain in this film who I won't spoil here.

World War I
World War I | Source

I feel that they should of done more with Wonder Woman impacting the regular British soldiers during the war because as seen in the trailers she goes into the middle of battle. This does feel similar to Captain America in some regards on how she uses her shield in deflecting bullets and using it in combat. But, this just show cases how she's a good fighter and I feel they could've done more here. I think if she inspired troops it would show her as a natural leader like she is. Just imagine that scene in the trailer where she runs out with her shield in the middle of machine gun fire inspiring troops behind her to follow her. That would've been an awesome memorable moment in the film if they had done it

Another thing they could've done is make her more colorful especially in the bleak environment of war. Although this would likely make her more like a cartoon instead of the live action film it is. While this a minor thing it would make her a bright spark in an otherwise bleak setting which World War I is. Still I won't hold this against the film because she really is new to this world, and this is her first real time supporting humanity in one if its darkest hours of history.

Wonder Woman Eagle
Wonder Woman Eagle | Source

Final Verdict

While there's a few things holding back this film I still have to look at it as a standalone Wonder Woman film as a critic. As a fan I wanted this film to do well and I wish it could be a 10 out of 10 but it isn't. The acting and action is great in this film and if you like fight scenes, and thoroughly enjoy good action than this is the film for you. If you wanted a stronger story and a hardcore fan of Wonder Woman than I don't think this would appeal to you as much as others.

If you wanted a strong climatic ending between the main villain and Wonder Woman than I feel this film falls short in this department. While the fight seen is good and you can feel the emotion there it just doesn't feel like its good as it could've been. The audience appeal is there especially if you're new to Wonder Woman and want to enjoy a good take on her origins. While it's not the best origin story it's a well done one that's enjoyable to watch.

For the reasons I listed above and in this review I will give a final verdict of 8/10 and a strong recommendation to see it. If you want to see a well done DC movie than Wonder Woman is for you. DC has done a good service to her and this film shows that they're moving in the right direction when it comes to their cinematic universe. I also feel that this film warrants a sequel because I feel it earns it.

I just want to thank everyone who took the time to read this review and I hope you will go out and support this film because it deserves it.

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