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Word War Z Movie With Brad Pitt Reviews, Clips, and Images

Updated on April 11, 2015

This much anticipated Zombie apocalyptic movie, World War Z, has sprinting Zombies faster than Hussein Bolt.

The movie depicts a world where a disease has infected mankind and it's up to super-hero Brad Pitt to save us all, again.

Some of the computer generated scenes shown in 3D are quite spectacular. The storming of the mighty wall surrounding Jerusalem has thousands of Zombies creating human pillars so as their comrades in arms can scramble over the top to feast on the inhabitants below.

The Zombies in this film are still allegedly the 'undead', but their lust for brains is apparently missing.

The new style of zombies' only interest, is to bite a living person, so as to infect them with the deadly pathogen, then they go onto their next victim. They do not seek out to eat heir victims, only to infect them.

The victims do turn into zombies as with all the injured victims of countless other movies.

World War Z Opening Clip

The Zombies

Less of the bloodthirsty Zombies as stereo typed in recent films, World War Z's are on a mission. The pathogen within the infected must be transferred to as many people as possible within the shortest time frame.

That is possibly why these Zombies can sprint 100 yards in about 3.4 seconds. The shear magnitude of their speed could knock you off of your feet.

This unfortunately makes the 3D version slightly more blurry as they run around quicker than the Road Runner.

Special effects worked overtime to get some of the scenes as magnificent as they are. This movie may of cost over £130 million dollars, but some of the special effects are worth it.

The Movie

World War Z is a fast paced action / horror movie with all the bombs, bullets and crazed people that is expected. The story strays from the original book ( written by Max Brooks ) and somewhere loses the edge of the seat thrills.

Nearly all the gore and horror has been emitted from this movie to allow a younger audience to view it. Although not a disappointment to gore fans, its just not what was expected after viewing 28 Weeks Later.

Brad Pitt is as always the charming hero, but as one lady said 'did he have to be in EVERY scene'. Brads getting on in years as the close ups clearly show the wrinkles beginning to form under the eyes along with bags and graying hair.

DO WOMEN EVER LEARN. Never phone your husband at work, watch the movie and you'll understand why.

Zombie Bite

World War Z Review

The overall rating of this movie ranges between 3 - 4 stars out of a maximum of 5. The gore is missing but the fast paced excitement keeps the movie ticking along.

There are moments of lull in the story-line, which is expected in most films. After seeing this film, there is no love lost for Brad Pit, but personally I would not really go out of my way to see the movie twice.

The film was Okay, it was entertaining for a couple of hours, but could of seriously had a better story-line.

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Movie Stills & Brad Pitt Photos'

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    • W1totalk profile image


      5 years ago

      Great simple review. Thank you.


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