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World Trigger - first glance

Updated on August 5, 2015
3 stars for World trigger - first glance

World Trigger


Slightly above average

There are many great anime series out there, among others there is Naruto, One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, Hajime no Ippo, the Monogatari series, the list goes on and on. World Trigger doesn't quite match up to these, but it's still not a bad anime, not by a long shot!

The main protagonist are the not so battle efficient or experienced, but still the somewhat strategic leader, Osamu Mikumo, the highly battle efficient Yuuma Kuga and the quiet and cute, but with excessive amounts of phrana (read: "magic"), Chika Amatori, as well as powerful senpai-esque Yuuichi Jin.

The story starts when Yuuma, an alien (or neighbor, as they call it in the anime) one day joins the same class as Osamu. They end up fighting an animal-like neighbor together, although Yuuma does most of the fighting, and become nakama. Chika Amatori, a childhood friend of Osamu ends up joining them and they all train towards establishing a three-man team at the organisation "Border", which fights against neighbors (yes, Yuuma is a neighbor, but a friendly one).

OK story, OK voices, OK animation

Since I've only watched around 20 episodes of this show, and have not read the manga, I can only judge based on the story I've seen so far. The story, although not as fulfilling as Naruto or One Piece, is good. The pacing is relatively fast, at least as far as I've come in this series, and there is not many episodes that end on a boring note. I actually think the pacing is one of the best qualities of this anime!

The voice acting for Osamu is pretty straight forward, and a bit boring. He is the typical character that comments somewhat anxiously in most everyday situations, and talks very straight forward when he is supposed to shine. You will have heard this voice before if you have watched almost any other low to middle budget anime with a male protagonist. Aside from Osamu's boring voice, the voices of the other protagonists are pretty good, especially Chika's voice, which is both cute and straightforward.

Chika Amatori

Talking about Chika, she is somewhat weirdly drawn. Her smile is basically two intersecting lines shaped as a V and she almost looks sleepy most of the time, but this gives her a cutesy charming quality I have come to like. She also have a shy, shrilling voice that suits her well.

The first thing I though about when I saw her was that the inspiration for this girl must have been taken from the old series "Snoopy", you know, the white dog with a bird as a friend. I mean, how can you not like her?

Is Chika Charlie Brown's sister?
Is Chika Charlie Brown's sister?


If I were to place World Trigger relative to other animes, I would probably place it somewhere between Sword Art Online and Fairy Tail with regards to overall quality. The animation is decent, quite good in some scenes, quite bad in others. This is to be expected from an anime that doesn't have the massive budget of long running animes like Naruto or One Piece.

I will continue watching this anime. My hopes are not that high as to the possible increase in quality, but if the quality of the anime stays roughly the same as it has these first 20 episodes, it's worth it for me to watch it all the way through (however long it ends up lasting).

I give this series a solid three star rating as for now. It is quite entertaining, but I feel it isn't good enough to rewatch at a later time. It suits me best for watching when I have spare time, and provides good entertainment as a dinner-watching anime. I do not run home friday evening after work, make a pizza and ready some beers just for this anime. But don't get me wrong, it's a decent anime with somewhat above average entertainment value, worth watching!

Additionally, the opening is not the ending!

A thing I find a bit strange with World Trigger is the placement of the opening. More often than not it starts almost halfway into the episode. I actually stopped watching halfway through the episode a couple of times because of this. When I started watching the next episode, something had clearly happened in the story that was out of place. It doesn't help that the opening could very well be the ending, at least in the very first part of the opening it is very ending-ish. After a while I got used to it, just something to be aware of.

How many stars would you give World Trigger (after 20 episodes)?

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Opening (not ending!)


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