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World War Z ~ A Review

Updated on July 27, 2013
Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt | Source

**Spoiler Alert**

I was privileged enough to get to see the pre-screening of World War Z. I was super excited because we got given free tickets at the last minute and it was a movie that I really wanted to see. This is my review for the film. I am not going to be comparing the book to the film in any way, I didn't even read the book and have no basis for comparison. This review is of the movie as a stand alone movie, I will discuss its merits and short comings as a whole.

4 stars for Movie ~ World War Z

Let's Start at the Beginning

I didn't find there to be a huge amount of background to the start of the movie. Most movies do quite a bit to explain how the characters got to where they are prior to moving on with a actual film. There is a benefit to this, as time was not wasted explaining previous plot information that may never become relevant to the plot of this film. However I would have liked to know more about Gerry's previous experience. A bit more of what caused him to leave his previous job, some background on his wife and kids would have also been nice. Although I appreciate the 'get right into it' approach they took, I like to know more about the people involved.

The Zombies

Since the movie pretty much starts with an insane outbreak, you get to see the creatures up close and personal right away. This zombies are some of the most terrifying that I have witnessed in a movie for a few different reasons;

  • The zombies looked very human and very real in this movie. Whoever did the makeup, costumes and CGI for this are total ingenious as far as I'm concerned. It made the movie ever scarier because when things look real they are just more thrilling.
  • They were fast, so crazy and inhumanly fast. I know that fast zombies have been done before, but I don't think that they have ever been done quite like this. The jumping and the climbing that they do is just crazy especially because of my previous statement about how they so human even when in a scene that is clearly CGI.
  • The speed at which people turn from human to dead to zombie is just mind blowing. Being able to sit there and count while you watch a person turn on you, that was a terrifying thing to look at. After they turn they are just ready to go and turn others. Just wow!

Visual Effects

I thought that this movie did a great job of visual effects. I was scared, felt sympathy and could really grasp the scope of what was happening to the people on the screen. Some of these scenes had me on the edge of my seat, like the zombies scaling the wall into Israel and the attack on the city at the beginning where they are all jumping and attacking people. I will say that as with most movies the BIG scenes were displayed in the trailer, so I had already witnessed them technically. However to see them linked in with the story and witness the struggles that the characters where encountering though those scenes was new and fantastic.


I didn't think that they talked about him enough in this movie. When there are scenes with Tomas after his parents turned and Gerry saves him, they just don't make much sense to me. There seems to be quite a bit of emotion and happiness that he is now part of the family and saved, but no time for a bond to happen. I understand that in traumatic events people can bond over their very survival, but it just felt out of place to me. I feel they could have added a scene or two that would have shown him getting closer and becoming one of the family.

Defeating the Zombies

I like the zombie weakness in the plot. I like that there was a way to defeat them in the end. I also like the whole humanity moving on stuff. I think that zombies only wanting to infect healthy people was a cool and original twist to the plot, and the clues that lead up to it were there but camouflaged enough that you don't pick up on it right away. Honestly when I watch a movie I can usually predict what is going to happen based on movies that I have watched in the past, I didn't see this solution coming. Bravo.

In the End

I felt that the end of this movie was a bit unnecessarily rushed. The viewing I was at clocked in at 1 hour and 50 minutes, which honestly is nowhere near a long movie. Why the ending was rushed to a few cut scenes of zombies dying and one of Gerry hugging his family after the conquest I don't really know. More must have been going on than just the ending of everything and I would have appreciated seeing some conversations happening about the closure i was seeing in the film.

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To Sum Things Up

I really enjoyed this movie as a whole but thought that it could have been a little longer to fill in a few gaps. Despite the plot details that I would have like to see discussed in greater detail, I don't believe that having them missing detracted from the movie too much. I really enjoyed the visual effects and am pleased to have witnessed the movie in 3D. Happy watching and I hope you enjoy it too.

Something New to Add

I have now read the book and honestly thought it was fantastic. I have never read a book from so many view points that could give me such a clear picture of what was going on in the "world" during this time period.

The problem that I have doesn't fall to the movie or the book, it is with the fact that the movie is supposed to be based on the book. I honestly didn't find many things that were common themes running with in the two. I will now go over my list of issues.

Let's start with Israel. Yes, in both the movie and the book the city was walled for to prevent zombie from taking over and allowing citizens to live as close to normal lives as possible. This is probably the only theme that went though both book and movie. I think that they could have not based the movie on this book and used other themes instead. It was really misleading to say this was based on a book.

Next issue, zombies. Quite a few times in the book the zombies were referred to as slow moving. One passage even says you could speed walk away from them, why in the movie were they crazy fast? Not sure how this fit the feel of the novel in any way.

There was also no real characters in the novel to follow through a movie. There were some that popped up in both but they really had to make up an entire story line just to make a movie. Seems silly again to say it was based on a book that had little to do with the movie.

The defeat of the zombies is my next issue. They didn't even get this right in the movie. They never mention that zombies don't like sick people in the book. They were defeated by crazy amount of people marching shoulder to shoulder across countries and clearing them out. Not even close to the adaptation on the movie.

Water was a large theme in the book, zombies underwater everywhere. They were coming up on shores and attacking subs. I think the movie could have included some of this aspect of the book.

So, once again, to sum things up a second time: I liked both movie and novel. I liked them both for very different reasons, but think both were entertaining and suspenseful. The stories told in the novel were touching and gave you a real sense of what it would have been like to live in this war torn world. I just don't think that the movie should say it was based on the book when the comparison was so loosely based that they could have just written that part of the movie differently. If a movie is based on a book it should actually have a few similarities instead of just one.


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    • profile image

      Hollybollyz 4 years ago


      Thanks for the review ,i see the review on another site also review is very nice. We can see the lots of adventure and thrill in this trailer also. Zombies are moving very fast and very active so this movie going to give us a new experience or for more Information You can go on that site also "Hollybollyz" and you can find a lots of good stuff about "Hollywood and Celebrity news".

    • MelonieGilchrist profile image

      Gamrgurl 4 years ago

      Thank you :). They were super fast too. Like so fast you couldn't keep up with it. It was almost a draw back I supposed. I can totally see your view point on the shift in genre from slow to fast zombies and how it can detract from the whole point of the zombie. Thank you for reading!

    • OMGirdle profile image

      OMGirdle 4 years ago from United States

      Thank you for this review. I was contemplating on seeing this movie but reading your comments about the zombies and my opinion of the trailer, I think I'm going to pass. An avid horror fan, I appreciate the zombies of "The Walking Dead" series which are more closely characterized to the zombies of "Night of the Living Dead." I don't like fast moving strong zombies as it just doesn't fit the depiction of the genre. Zombies are weak, slow moving manifestations. Your hub was informative without exposing too much of the film. Voted up!