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World's Most Haunted Places

Updated on October 16, 2013

The most haunted places in the world may not be on the list of must-see locations of many tourists. But it cannot be denied that these sites’ colorful history and rich, albeit, scary stories make them intriguing and hence, deserve to be explored. Indeed, many of these locations have paranormal professionals who regularly visit to investigate the supernatural phenomena that allegedly take place. On the other hand, there are also regular tourists who flock just to see what the fuss is all about in some of the most haunted places in the world.

  • The Tower of London

Dating back to 1078, the Tower of London had been witness to many of the country’s murders, executions and brutal tortures. Due to the number of ghosts that roam the place, the tower is reputed to be one of the most, if not the most, haunted locations in Britain. Some of the famous personalities who are claimed to haunt the place are the Countess of Salisbury Margaret Pole, Lady Jane Grey and Anne Boleyn who lost her head when she was accused of incest, adultery and treason. According to claims, the ghost of the headless Anne Boleyn can be seen roaming tower.

  • Bhangarh Fort, India

Bhangarh Fort is not only haunted, it is cursed, so say the stories that try to explain why this ancient fortress was abandoned and left in ruins. One myth has it that a guru who allowed the construction of the fort in the condition that its shadows will not reach his meditating site cursed it when the shadow of the fort touched his sacred retreat. Another story involved an evil magician who was turned down by the woman he was courting and so placed a curse of death on the town, resulting in scarcity and warfare.

Bhangarh Fort seems to be truly one of the most haunted places in the world because even the nation’s government and the ASI or Archaeological Survey of India have put up warning signs about not entering the ruins especially before sunrise and after sunset. Even the ASI office was situated a safe distance away from the fort. Visitors of the fort allegedly experience restlessness and a sense of foreboding. Many believe this is caused by the ghosts that constantly haunt the place.

  • Monte Cristo, New South Wales, Australia

Disembodied sounds, unseen force fields, ghostly visions, lights from unknown sources and lights turning on and off by invisible hands – these are just some of the eerie happenings in what is dubbed to be Australia’s most haunted house. Many purport that these paranormal phenomena are a result of Monte Cristo’s tragic past. Many lives were lost in this mansion at different occasions. It is said that a servant boy burnt to death; a maid was pushed and died in the mansion; while another maidservant dropped her little charge down the stairs claiming that an unknown hand pushed her. A more recent tragedy occurred when the caretaker was murdered in the mansion by a local.

  • Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City, Philippines

Before it became a hotel, it was a monastery of the Dominican friars. During the Second World War, many war refugees sought shelter in the monastery. The Japanese forces bombed the place, thus killing a good number of people, including monks and nuns. It was also used by the Japanese as a sanitarium. The place was rebuilt after the war and became the Diplomat Hotel in 1973. Even then, patrons reported unexplained ghostly experiences. After the owner died, the hotel ceased operations and was abandoned. Still, locals claim to hear breaking of dishes; banging of windows and doors even though the structure had been rid of its doors; wailing and agonized screaming; and seeing a white lady and some black figures on the hotel premises.

  • Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Scotland can claim to be the home of one of the most haunted places in the world - the Edinburgh Castle. The castle’s dungeons served as torture chambers and damp and dark prisons. The maze of tunnels situated underneath the castle contained rooms or vaults that were used to hold plague victims until they died. The castle is likewise reported to have held prisoners of the Seven Years War and the American Revolutionary War. What with its dark, sordid past, many believe the castle is haunted. Ghostly apparitions, shadowy figures, tugging of clothes by unseen hands, visions of headless drummers, and seeing a piper and hearing a pipe being played are some of the spine-tingling experiences of visitors of the castle.

These terrifying places had been the site of horrifying events, murders, tortures and suicides. And so it is claimed that vengeful spirits and ghosts of those who suffered in these places return to wreak havoc, or at least, make their presence known. It is no wonder why they have been considered to be the most haunted places in the world.


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