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Worst Celeb Coffee Blunders

Updated on January 29, 2010

From Madonna to Britney Spears, every celebrity seems to have had their fair share of coffee run blunders. After tempers lost and babies dropped, you'd think that someone would cue these starlets to get them a nifty one-cup coffee brewer for their sprawling homes. What's wrong with getting your coffee fix at home? Especially if it saves a bit of face and cuts a little tabloid time, you'd think celebs would be jumping all over this alternative!

Check out the worst celeb coffee blunders!

Out on a coffee run, Britney falls endangering her son.
Out on a coffee run, Britney falls endangering her son.

Britney Drops Baby, Almost

After caught driving her get-away vehicle from a coffee shop at full speed with her baby on her lap, Britney Spears ought to plan out her coffee runs a bit better. That, or develop a thicker skin. Whenever this former pop princess hits the caffeine joints she seems even more frazzled than the last time. After enjoying some coffee in the New York Ritz Carlton, Britney Spears tried to trudge past the snapping paparrazzi without a hitch. But it didn't work. Looking like everything was going fine, the moment unraveled in a split second. The nervous mother tripped over her own shoes, holding tight to her coffee in one hand but almost losing her little tattertot in the other. What do you think goes through these celebrities' minds? Don't they have home coffee brewers?

Miley confused at Coffee Bean
Miley confused at Coffee Bean

Miley Can't Find Her Car

Trying to play it cool with an eye-catching ultra rocker look, Miley totally loses it. One find afternoon, the Hannah Montana star waltzed into a Beverly Hills Coffee Bean. What? It's only natural to go out for some iced coffee, in a barely there shirt. The cobweb like material barely covered much of the young star. Miley was clearly frazzled by all the (unwanted... ahem, yea right!) attention. Feeling a little self conscious, struts out of the coffeeshop and confidently opens her car. Only it's not hers! Despite paparrazzi filling her in ("It's not yours, Miley", "That's not your car", "Your opening someone else's car"), Miley was too cool to listen. She continues to pull open the door, trying to play it cool. After a few painful minutes, it dawns on her. Some of these celebrities should look into some face saving options like a home coffee machine that produces delicious cappos and lattes at home!

Coffee Thrown on Britney's Car

Yea, that's right. Britney hit the tabloid, yet again, for another coffee run blunder. Only this time isn't wasn't her fault, or was it? Britney was snapped waiting for some yummy lattes at a local coffee shop. She sits patiently while paparazzi crowd intensely around her car. Suddently coffee comes flying! It splatters all over Britney's car and all over the paparazzi. The woman who threw the coffee (surprise, surprise) isn't Britney. It's some other lady who's angry about something. Was she trying to distract the hounding paparazzi from Britney? Or was she trying to get Britney's car? Whatever the reason, the move clearly enraged the photo-hounds. They started leaving Britney's car and hurling abuse at the woman. What kind of coffee do you think she sacrificed for this stunt? Some discount espresso coffee? Or was it some elaborate venti macchiato with caramel, whipped cream, fixings and all?

Annie Leibovitz Sued for Coffee Photos

While many celebrities make a fool of themselves at a local coffee shop, Annie Leibovitz does it on the international level. No one's joking here. Creating the annual calendar for Lavazzo coffee, this renowned photographer produced one big sham of a mess. Celebrated for her painterly, dynamic, larger-than-life photographs, Annie was recently sued. Italian photographer claimed that Annie took a few of his photographs and passed them off as her own. She sent him off to scout for locations only to swipe his photographs. Though Annie stated nothing publicly, she settled the issue outside of court for $150,000. Were the coffee photos hers? Read more about Annie's Lavazza coffee calendar blunder, here.

Annie's sham shot from Lavazza Calendar
Annie's sham shot from Lavazza Calendar

Paris Tries To Be Nice on Coffee Run

Celebrities tend to blister under the paparazzi-pressure on their coffee runs. But Paris doesn't miss a beat. Not only does she avoid embarrassment, but she also passes it all off with grace, kindness and charm. She could have completely lost her cool by alienating the paprazzi and mincing her words. But she sidesteps all the possible potholes while managing to smile the whole time. The other possibility being she could have lost her cool, alienated the paparazzi, and not chosen her words carefully. On a coffee run, Paris is acosted by the photo-hounds and some singing fans. She patiently smiles at the kids, converses with the paparazzi, and even throws in a compliment or two. Watch some diplomatic, media-manipulating skill! If other celebs insist upon going out for coffee, they should take a page out of Paris' book.

Worst Celeb Coffee Blunder

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