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Would a Sequel To The Blockbuster hit "Titanic" Starring Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet Be Worth Doing?

Updated on November 7, 2016
Imagine if they'd done a sequel to Titanic. Do you wonder what it would be about. Read the article and find out.
Imagine if they'd done a sequel to Titanic. Do you wonder what it would be about. Read the article and find out. | Source


In the Sequel Jack Is Alive and Rose is Nearby - What's going to happen? Read and find out!

Did you ever think about why a sequel to the movie "Titanic" was never made? The first one was great, which is a good indication in justifying a sequel for a film of that magnitude. But we never saw it, not even a rumor. We all know that not all films get a sequel. It has to be well received and warranted. Motion pictures like The Hobbit series or Harry Potter, the early Star Trek epics - All very successful pictures. Even the silly TV series of the Sixties Gilligan’s Island got many sequels, even one that takes them off the island. So why not "Titanic:

There was never any talk about making a sequel to "Titanic" starring Leonardo DiCprio & Kate Winslet, among others. Most of the actors are still alive, people would remember the film, so why not? I decided that If a studio wanted to make it, then here is what the plot and premise might be. It would most likely go something like this:

It wold begin 5 years after Titanic sank. Rose gets back to land and becomes a famous actress. Unbeknownst to Rose, Jack is revived without her knowledge. He is alive. But he was on the brink of death and suffers ailments due to the ordeal. When he is stronger, Jack starts searching for his first love. When he is just about to give up, he's standing against a playbill poster, not realizing it's Rose in her next play "Love's Alleyway", a musical comedy.

She's the toast of New York and Broadway's 'First Lady'. Finally, he looks around and sees it and gets so excited that he is jumping up and down yelling like a kid. Due to his injuries he is not as strong, and his lungs never really healed right. In fact, the hospital he was at didn't want him to leave so he had to sneak out. Though free from probing doctor's hands and strange tasting medicines, he feels like half a man now. It worked on him mentally.

Sometimes he'd go to a bar and just to feel something, he get into a brawl, usually getting the stuffing knocked out of him. If someone looked closely, they could spot a scar or old bruises that never seemed to quite heal up. When he woke up from being in the cold water, the doctor explained that he had to be careful and take his time, that he would tire easily and have to take medicines the rest of his life. Pretty dismal, but life doesn't give a great pay out or a good hand, so he just accepted it.

Finally, after careful searching, he locates the theater where Rose is doing the new play. He stealthily stakes it out like a detective would, trying to look insignificant, or poker face, like in the card games he used to be so good at.

He wants to talk to her. He wants to see her up close. He wants to take her in his arms, but can't bring up the courage to do it. Jack also walked with a slight limp. One side of his once handsome, perfect face was discolored due to frostbite he suffered while being in the water. He learns to hide it with his longer hair, but he still sees it.

As Jack stands there he sees a group of men coming around the corner and reads their sign - "Volunteers Wanted Now!". They were going to join up and fight for freedom, and that sounded just fine to him. He takes one last loving look at Rose's poster and disappears around the corner just as Rose comes out of the theater. She looks in that same direction, only seconds after Jack leaves. She can't explain the goose bumps rising on her arms and neck and shakes it off.

Next we see Jack helping out at the end of World War I as a messenger. He risks his life and we see both their lives playing out in a myriad of squares. The camera zeros in on Jack, who is talking to his commanding officer. "I told you Jack, be careful, you are going to get killed and ruin that bike along with it, then what am I gong to do?"

"Don't worry sir, I'm as careful as careful can be," said Jack. Both broke out in smiles. "Hey I got something for you. Here, take it." He hands Jack a card with the name of a woman on it. "She's waiting for you, and she's good, if you get my drift!"

"What am I supposed to do with this?"

"Ha, ha, stop playing me Boy, you know what it is. I command you to go there as soon as you are off duty. And I think you know the way!"

"Yeah, I do," said Jack, putting the card in his uniform's front shirt pocket.

"Be careful, I've seen you racing like your at a picnic. This ain't no picnic Boy."

"Hey, I know how to do this, and has one letter been dropped or lost?" Jack puts his hands on his hips and stares up at his boss with indignity.

"I've also heard that you are drinking on the job, that's got to stop Jack! Just on your own time."

"It's called self medication, Sir. I'm in control at all times!"

"Yeah, even when you sleep. Hey, do you ever sleep?"

"Sure I do, but I sleep standing up," joked Jack.

"Okay then just be careful," said his commanding officer as his jeep pulls up to the curb. "We want you here too, you are our best courier, so don't bust a knee trying to keep your reputation!" Jack smiled and waved as the other man jumps in the jeep and rides away.

Meanwhile, a few thousand miles away, Rose is working at the theater. There’s a very handsome producer that is with her. "Rose, you seem distracted, what's wrong? Are you okay?" He came up to her and held her shoulders and began massaging them. She closes her eyes but is having flashbacks of when she and Jack were on Titanic."Oh John, I'm sorry, but lately I've been having these weird flashbacks. I know it's been years now, and Jack is dead, but sometimes i feel him close by!"

"Now Honey, we've went over this before. You have to accept that Jack is long gone, it's been 5 years now. Even if he had survived, and he didn't, I don't think he'd be coherent enough to even know who you were," said John with love in his blue eyes. "I'm sorry Honey, I don't know what else to do for you. I think this is something you have to come to terms with on your own."

"I know, but I just can't shake this feeling," she said while curiously looking around, almost expecting Jack to jump out of a box or trash can to scare her. She never forgot one thing about their time on that fated boat. How could she ever forget it? It moved her, and made her what she is today: A successful actress, well known and wealthy, but stronger than most women like her who came from wealthy families, even if her family lost their fortune.

"Just try and relax, and here have a sip, you could use it," he said, reaching into his inner pocket and handing her a silver flask. "It's the best gin in the city right now."

"John, put that away, someone will see you!" She started looking around, but no one turned the corner. Not even Jack she mused to herself. "Oh what the hell." She grabbed the flask like a man would and drank a hefty sip. It felt good going down and calmed her nerves and that weird aching feeling she always got when she thought about Jack.

These were different times, and 5 years sometimes seemed an eternity for her, and a long time to be mooning over someone who obviously wasn't coming back. She knew what love was when she was with Jack. And she knew she was also in love with her producer, it was a different type of love. Were there different types of love, she wondered. What was wrong with her? Was she going mad? And here she was drinking on the street at the height of prohibition.

For years after her ordeal she sometimes felt crazed over it, running it over and over in her mind until shear mental exhaustion took over. Then she met John and everything changed when she began working in the theater. When she was acting, it was easy to block out certain emotional things, like losing Jack the way she did, so soon after meeting him.

She never had the luxury of any closure over it. John told her to look on the bright side, her non closure with Jack actually enhanced her acting even more. She'd become a full fledged star, and he didn't want anyone, not even her precious Jack to ruin it for her. She deserved it, and by God, she was going to have it, over his own dead

In the sequel of Titanic, Rose and Jack never meet. They pass each other during odd times where they don’t see each other, or sometimes he'd see her from afar. A few times he just wanted to run up to her, but as Jack thought more about it, time had passed too quickly. Those memories of that one night together with her still burned in his mind (and loins).

When he was with a woman, and they made love, all he ever saw was his Rose. He wondered if it was that way with her too. "Nah, not after all this time. I saw that guy she's with. He's good for her, and I can tell she loves him." Jack knew he was right. What he didn't realize was that Rose did think about him many times in a day. And she felt the same feelings as he did.

A few days after he located Rose, World War 1 escalated and Jack decided to join up for the last of it. He went through basic training, and got all the way up to Captain's bars. He had command of his own unit that would be shipping out in a few days to who knows where.

It had been a brutal training, but he got through it. He knew why too. Because of what happened on Titanic and what he experienced with Rose by his side. He knew God had saved him for something. But it was not to be with Rose as he had first thought and wished. Jack wasn't sure what it was, but it might come to him as he progressed through his life.

Meanwhile, Rose decided to become a volunteer at the main hospital when she was not rehearsing or performing. She wanted to feel needed, as did a lot of other women. It was, in her mind, doing her part. Now both Jack and Rose were doing something to escape dead memories still filled with explosive emotion from that one night. He was Rose's first love, and there had been no one else, not until John came along last year, since that night 5 years ago.

Before Jack was to ship out, he quietly limped to the theater to take another look at Rose, maybe even see her perform, though he didn't think he'd get though it without crying like a baby. He went around to a side door and slipped into the dark theater and watched Rose’s curtain calls. As she bowed, her hair came loose and when she stood up, she had a big smile on her face, which brought back the strong memory of when they were in that car on the ship making love.

At that moment, Jack felt a strange lonely jab, but he had an accepting look on his face. He finally realized that he and Rose were not meant to be. As she took her last curtain call, Jack left the theater vowing never to return, promising God that he'd live his life and not bother Rose. So he went away, not even looking back. It was better this way.

Rose looked out among the audience and saw a man leaving and for a split second.... "No, no, it's not him, it's just not him!" She wanted to slap herself into reality, but never lost her smile and theater demeanor during the bows. For a second, she wanted to instinctively run after him, the strange dark shadowed man, but when John appeared on stage next to her and held her hand and gave her a bouquet of flowers she got distracted saw only him.

"Maybe John is right. I've been going over this in my mind for years. I really think it's time to bury Jack for real," she thought to herself as John held her delicate gloved hand and the whole cast bowed lower, the curtain came down, and she decided at that moment to live her life without Jack, who was nothing more than a ghost now. Cheers and theater and John would help her. Jack made her strong and taught her to not take herself so seriously, and she'd honor him by doing just that.

With that thought, music comes on similar to Celine Dion's song from the first Titanic movie. The movie credits roll as we see Jack running down the street to catch the boat to Europe. We see him get on the boat and people cheering around it. It brought strong memories to the surface of when he met Rose on the deck trying to kill herself. Thank God he did come along. Maybe that is what was intended. For him to simply save her life and let her go. When the war is over he'd go back to Seneca, NY and find his family, settle down and be happy.

The last scene is the end of the war. We see people cheering. Jack is in the crowd with a few of his buddies and spots a pretty young red headed woman. Their eyes lock and they approach each other. The girl comes up close to him and they begin to kiss. You see his eyes as he is smooching the pretty girl and he winks behind her back.

Movie credits roll. End of Titanic Sequel.

In closing, Do you think Titanic would make a good sequel? Or maybe it would frustrate the audience because Rose and Jack never meet. Some audience members may be disappointed.It would be a mixed bag over it.

They might say, “Why did they make a sequel to this film?” Some would suggest that since Jack & Rose met on a disaster boat, that their love was just to get them both through to follow their correct destinies, and when all is done and said, Jack saw Rose again when he was older, wiser and realized he had to accept her loss. She found a good man and he seemed to love her so much, so to Jack, things between them was what they called in cards 'a push'. So he decided to let Rose her go. The screen fades to black. The rest of the story is left up to the audiences imagination.

Not all films deserve a sequel. But then again, some do. Films like "Back to the Future",
"Jason Bourne", and "Mission Impossible" are great examples. On TV there were sequels to shows like "Weeds", "The New Black Is Orange", and so on down the line. But no sequel for series like Breaking Bad because there was no need, and it would be a waste. We know what went down in that series.

It's the same with Titanic. Who knows, maybe another movie will come out with the same type of story and we will say, "Wow, didn't this movie remind you of "Titanic? I wonder if they'll ever make a sequel to that film?"... NOT!


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