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How Writing for Film is a Great Job

Updated on March 14, 2018
Kenna McHugh profile image

Kenna worked on many productions as PA, Craft Services, Talent Scout, Grip, and Producer. Credits include Bowling for Columbine, Wallace.


David Freeman and I finished up our interview last week. I am sorry to have to end it because I learned so much about being a writer in Hollywood. I just want to write and network and sell my script. I hope you have learned a lot too.

After this interview, I have a wonderful success story that I want you to read because I am very proud of this person who has landed a job in the film. It inspires us all to be artists and create, create and create.

Kenna: Why is having an agent important if the screenwriter is doing all the hustling herself?

David: Having an agent gives the writer credibility. Also, they're very useful, especially if you've got a "high concept" script that you're trying to get out to every major company in town on the same day. Now that I think about it, perhaps I won't kill all the agents after all.

Kenna: How can a fledgling screenwriter know when his script is ready to be submitted to an agent or producer?


David: That's a tough one. You get it as good as you can, and you get feedback from a variety of people who know scripts. Script consultants can help, if the consultants are any good. But, as you've seen from some of my earlier comments, I'm a pretty harsh critic of some consultants since they can't write. How can such a person guide you to improve your dialogue, for instance?

Kenna: That’s a good question…how?

David: They can help you with things like structure...but I doubt such a person could help with dialogue or some of the finer points of characterization. Otherwise, they'd be out there writing scripts themselves.

When you're a screenwriter, you're a soloist. You can't hide behind the other instruments of the orchestra. Let's hear it for those who lay their creativity on the line for everyone to see. That's courage. That's only one of the reasons I like and admire screenwriters, even those who are just starting out.

Kenna: How do you think the Internet will influence film, screenwriting and the future of film distribution?

David: How will it? I just sold a series and have two other Internet companies wanting to go to a pilot on other Internet series of mine. I think it's fun, fun, fun till daddy takes my T-Bird away.

But I think we can all see what's coming: soon your computer will be a TV will be shown on demand will be...? So, as media saturation continues, don't forget to unplug once in a while and hang out with a friend or a tree.

It's hard for me not to think that, among all the uses for the Internet, certainly one of the best is using it to check my website called Beyond Structure.


A Success Story!

Here is a success story I want to share with all of you. I hope this inspires you to go out there and get that first job in film. Good luck.

"About a year ago, I spoke with you a few times via email. I would like to thank you for your invaluable advice.

Thanks to your emails and your book (which I read nearly once a month) I now have a full-time job as a video editor (it's a great start), was offered a PA position on a feature film, was accepted (1 of 10 students) to the New York Film Academy, and have an extensive list of contacts in the industry.

The best part is I am only 18 years old. I seriously doubt I could have come this far without your help. Thank you so much."

What Do You Think?

Would you drop everything and write your screenplay if you were pretty certain it would sell?

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© 2007 Kenna McHugh


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