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X Factor 2010 Live Results - 28th November...

Updated on January 13, 2011

I wasn't expecting Katie to go this week. But then, I wasn’t expecting a double elimination either.

I thought she did pretty well this week, especially for her second song. However, on more than one occasion, she has gotten through the bottom two when she should have been eliminated, so I think it balances out.

One thing: she’s definitely a fighter. In her own way, she’s an inspiration and a lesson.

It's not Wagner’s fault he was in the competition for as long as he was. I like him. I think he's quirky and very much his own person. Some people were probably trying to make a point by voting for him to stay. Maybe it was a way of making a mockery of the well-oiled machine that is X Factor. I can see why someone would consider doing it. However, there are some real singing talents in there and I think it would have been a real shame if one of them was in the bottom two with him and went instead.

If Mary had gone, I would have smashed my TV. That woman is lovely, has a good voice and a warm layer of honesty when she sings. There was no contest.

[img credit:]
[img credit:]

Louie did exactly what Cheryl should have done when both her acts were in the bottom two. He made a decision. It wasn’t as difficult a decision for him to make as it was with Cheryl’s two (Katie and TreyC), but still, as emotional and as torn as she felt, she shouldn't have refused to vote when it came to her two. Having to choose between her girls was something that was likely to happen because she had four of her acts for quite some time.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, I say...

I wonder who's gonna go next week. It's gonna get tougher. It's not just a singing contest (as we well know), but a popularity contest (in some cases, sadly so). Based on talent alone, I think One Direction should go next. But then, they're teen heartthrobs now, so what are the chances of them going. I don’t think they should win. If they were to go now, I think they'd still make it, especially with Simon Cowell’s backing and belief in their potential.

Rebecca, as much as I love her and her incredible voice, might be in danger. She's as shy as Leona Lewis, and even though Leona won X Factor, that was a different time. Cher, might be in trouble too, as people tend to be passionate about whether they like or don’t like her. Mary, I don’t know. It really depends on her performance. Matt, I feel, is the safest of the bunch, but then you never know with the public.

We’ll see.


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