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Michelle Barratt X Factor Audition

Updated on October 13, 2011

Tulisa breaks down during Michelle's audition

In tonight's X Factor auditions Tulisa broke down and cried at Michelle Barratts audition.( I didn't think it was that bad). If you didn't see the show watch the best auditions here.

Michelle Barratt

2 Shoes Audition

Shoes Audition

Here are 2 bubbly girls who can actually sing which is a nice change for a duo. Good harmonies as well. Nice girls don't you think?

Amelia Lily

Rock chick Amelia

Rock chick Amelia rocks out a mean tune in front of her family and the judges and all were pleasantly surprised at the 16 year old's efforts putting her through to bootcamp.

The show goes on

So the X factor bandwagon goes on and Simon Cowell has now turned his sites on X Factor American style. The show is bound to be a success as it has a proven track record in other countries around the world and will no doubt be very successful. An estimate of the first show to air in the US would see viewing figures of around 10 million, which is no mean feat in this competitive tv mad society.

Bootcamp beckons

Bootcamp beckons on the next programme and we will see which of our hopefulls go through to the live shows. Don't miss it!


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