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X Factor USA: Top 10 by Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers

Updated on November 16, 2012

Who Is Winning Over Fans on Facebook?

Every week on the X Factor USA, we find out where the contestants stand in terms of voting. But who is winning over the fans on Facebook? Let's find out. As of November 16th, here are the standings.

1. Emblem3 - 109,096 - The California boys -- and Simon's choice to win -- are doing quite well on Facebook. Their official Facebook page has over 100,000 likes, and on top of that, close spellings of their name (Emblem 3, Emblem Three, etc.) have thousands more.

2. Carly Rose Sonenclar - 87,247 - She may have spent two weeks at #2 to Tate Stevens, but she's still demolishing him on Facebook.

3. CeCe Frey - 47,969 - She may not be the judge's favorite (I'm still convinced Demi had her dye her hair blonde as an act of sabotage), but she's definitely a fan favorite! Is it because she's feisty? Or maybe those cheetah spots just turn fans on? Who knows...

4. Paige Thomas - 29,963 - I wonder if that porcupine hat has anything to do with the number of fans she has.

5. Beatrice Miller - 29,217 - This Jersey gal may be in the bottom half in terms of votes, but she's got twice as many Facebook likes as Tate Stevens.

6. Vino Alan - 28,896 - Vino may not have the charisma of CeCe Frey or the enthusiasm of Emblem3, but he's still doing well on Facebook.

7. Diamond White - 16,388 - If Facebook likes are any sort of indicator, it looks like bringing Diamond White back after her elimination turned out to be a good idea -- she's holding her own on social media.

8. Tate Stevens - 15,638 - The country singer may have come in at #1 by the votes two weeks in a row, but that doesn't mean he's winning over the social media crowd.

9. Arin Ray - 15,509 - He may have come in at #9 in the vote totals, but Arin Ray is fewer than 150 likes behind vote-winner Tate Stevens.

10. Fifth Harmony - 5,424 - They may be toward the middle of the pack in terms of votes, but these gals aren't doing so well on Facebook.

What about Twitter?

So Emblem 3 is dominating on Facebook, but who wins in the Twitterverse?

1. Emblem3 - 242,693 - The boys rank just as high on Twitter as they do on Facebook.

2. CeCe Frey - 195,156 - CeCe's #2 spot on Twitter beats her #3 spot on Facebook.

3. Carly Rose Sonenclar - 188,598 - At #3, Carly Rose is only one spot lower than Facebook, where she sits at #2.

4. Paige Thomas - 125,661 - Paige is ranked #4 on both social networking sites.

5. Beatrice Miller - 115,341 - Right where she was on Facebook, too.

6. Diamond White - 92,225 - A spot higher than she is on Facebook.

7. Fifth Harmony - 84,168 - While the girls may have the fewest likes on Facebook by at lot, they're holding their own on Twitter!

8. Arin Ray - 81,397 - One spot higher in the Twitter rankings than he is in the Facebook rankings.

9. Vino Alan - 72,879 - Vino's #9 ranking on Twitter is lower than his #6 spot on Facebook, and a far cry from his #3 spot for vote totals.

10. Tate Stevens - 54,543 - Once again, Tate's ability to top the vote earning ranks doesn't translate at all in terms of social media presence.

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