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X--Factor: What Do You Think?

Updated on November 30, 2012

The X-Factor

I have had the pleasure of watching this program. It is simply my guilty pleasure. There is enough drama that is for sure. Is it too much?

Last night CeCe Frey outlasted Paige Thomas. I found this rather unfair as CeCe does not have the personality, her song choice was weird, and she is just out to get everyone. Maybe I have taken her wrong, but just my opinion that Paige has the whole package. Also, Vino left the competition after he sang against Diamond White. Diamond is a great singer, but Vino was good also. What is wrong with this picture? I think people are voting wrong. :( I hope that American will get it right the next time and vote for Carly Rose instead. Do you agree with me. I know it is just a silly show to some, but it is very entertaining.

Come January is American Idol. :) We will see how the shows compare when it comes to entertainment value. American Idol does produce superstars such as Phillip Phillips who had a platinum album, etc.

Anyway hope you enjoyed my review of the show. It is very entertaining with the voting system, Simon and Demi's bickering, and it often gives a 5 million dollar contract to someone who deserves it. What will happen next week?


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