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X-Files: Nothing Important Happened Today (1/2) Episode Review

Updated on May 13, 2015

Nothing Important Happened Today (Part 1)

I should state straight away that if you have not seen this season of episodes or previous ones then you should probably stop reading now as I will no doubt be talking about previous occurrences in previous episodes, and seasons, and stories. Maybe.

We of course were left the last season - season 8 - with Scully and Molder kissing and both of them admitting that Scully's newborn baby was in fact known by both Mulder and Scully to be theirs - see, I told you there would be spoilers - and is not a military/alien project activated by a chip in Scully's neck that released something that made a barren womb able to conceive, and conceive without sexual contact... I guess Californication came later.

This season is the first season to have slightly altered music, a slick update to the familiar scenes we have seen since the start of the show. It is an old thing to do seeing as it was the last season - at the time.

Anyway, from the intro, we know that Mulder is not going to be in the episode, and perhaps the whole season. I have not looked to see if this will be the case - whole season as it would spoil what is to come.

First off, the new X-Files employees are that now totally filling Mulder and Scully's shoes are John 'T2' Doggett (Robert Patrick) and Monica Keyes (Annabeth Gish) who are both, now, within the same frame of mind as Mulder and Scully.

At the start and as way as an intro, a man - Wormus - in a bar picks up an unknown lady. She asks to leave, Wormus accepts. They drive toward a bridge, the lady push Wormus' leg down and they crash into water. The lady holds Wormus underwater drowning him. She seems to be able to remain underwater without a problem.. The theme music starts.

As I mentioned, the first thing that is clear is that Mulder will not be in this episode. However, at the very start, after the intro and theme music - and this may well be a red herring - we see someone in the shower - it looks like a man - and we hear a baby crying. We then see Scully walk into shot and attend to the baby.. Who's in the shower?

Maybe Mulder will arrive later in the season.

Reyes meets the new assistant director - Follmer (Cary Elwes) in his office. It is not long before we see that they are in a relationship of sorts - Reyes is clearly not into it as much as Follmer.

Follmer give Keyes videotapes "showing" that nothing happened in the FBI garage two nights before - in the previous episode it seemed as if they were trying to replicate scene from Terminator 2 down there two night ago.

Doggett sees the tapes and tries to find Mulder. He cannot. He visits Scully who tells him to leave "it" alone, drop the investigation into Deputy Director Kersh, and, to please not return.. Skinner also tells Doggett the same - to drop the investigation. Keyes stands by Doggett though and the investigation continues.

Around this time the same lady who killed Wormus drowns another man that is connected to him. Again, she has no problem remaining underwater while the water plant worker, drowns.

Someone then leave Wormus' obituary on the floor outside of Keyes' office and she starts digging...


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