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X-Files: Nothing Important Happened Today (2/2) Episode Review

Updated on August 11, 2015

The title of this two part episode comes from an entry within the King of England's diary on the day that America declared its independence from England. It is quite an ambiguous entry as it could have many different meanings, though, the sentiment is the only thing that can be seen.

We carry on from part one which saw the end of Doggett perhaps and the beginning of a new front.

This episode does have a very big jaw dropping ending on what the viewers thought they knew.

Let us begin..

(for Part 1 of this two part episode and review, click here)

One Doctor Nordlinger hears a tap tap tap on his door and one of his assistants answers the door. The person at the door is insistent that the message they have goes to Doctor Nordlinger and Doctor Nordlinger alone. So Doctor Nordlinger comes to the door and receives a coded message that was specifically instructed to be given to only him. Upon reading the message, Doctor Nordlinger orders the Captain to its dock. The camera pans out of a very large ship that is clearly out in the sea somewhere. No land is seen. The credits start.

At the end of the last episode we saw agent Doggett being held under water as Follmer and other search for him. It appears that Doggett's number is up. That is until the person under water, Shannon McMahon, breathes air into his lungs and saves him, while still holding him under water..

A short time later, back at the FBI headquarters, the ever smug Follmer is chewing agent Reyes up and warns her to keep her distance from Doggett and his investigation into Kersh. Let's not forget that his is still bitter no doubt that Reyes gave him the elbow and he is still sore no doubt. Reyes feels that Follmer wants Doggett kicked out of the FBI and shows her disgust by leave his office, ASAP.

Doggett wakes up at home and wonders what the hell is going on when McMahon wanders on in. Doggett look a little worried but keeps his clothes off. McMahon tells Doggett that she and Rohrer - someone who does that exact opposite to McMahon's saving - are both Super Soldiers and it is not possible to kill them and they were part of military experiments.

Doggett wastes no time in calling up Scully to give her the "good" news. Scully seems somewhat sceptical about it all. The reason for this of course is that she fears that her baby might well be one of the 'Super Army Soldiers' that the military have been cooking up and that is what she now has googooing and gaggagering beside her.

McMahon also drops another bombshell to counter Scully's doubt by mentioning that the plan or trials have been expanded and "they" have put something extra in the water in order to activate or adapt what has been created and inserted into women in the outside world.

With the ship now docked in it's base in Baltimore, the captain tries to contact Carl Wormus by breaking security protocol and using a payphone on the dockside. Carl Wormus is of course dead as McMahon drowned him in the last episode.

On returning to the ship, Rohrer approaches the captain and lets him know that he is now the number two on board the ship. A little bit later Rohrer ask the captain what the ships mission is. The morning after, the find the old number two, floating face down next to the docked ship.

Scully and he scepticism has lead her to Doggett's apartment and she performs a full body examination of McMahon.. but finds her perfectly normal. There is the question as to why she has the now very familiar large nodule at the top of her spine like so many other "badies" we have seen in the series.. Doggett still thinks that there is something in this plot, Reyes remains doubtful.

Not long after his hunch, Doggett is suspended by Kersh and, the-ever-smug Follmer.

Doggett oddly tells them that they can't stop him and it seems ignores their orders.

It would have probably been better to just keeps his cards close to his chest instead of letting the apparent "enemy" know exactly what he was thinking and going to do.. Ah well, I guess there are some things the academy cannot teach you.

Reyes does some digging on McMahon and starts to look at her records to see if her story adds up. It does, but at the same time it appears that Wormus in fact contacted McMahon in an effort to expose the program of water tainting it seems..

The Lone Gunmen crew turn up and surprise Reyes. They turn up to help look at some messages left on Wormus's phone, and as they start looking a call comes and they pretend to be Wormus.. The captain tells "Wormus" to contact the FBI. Unfourtunately.. Rohrer is standing.. not very close, but with his special ears, he hears everything.

The captain returns to the ship and takes a guard hostage and demands to speak with Nordlinger, he then demands he is given all data on the ship and info on what they have been doing. Rohrer slips in behind the captain...

Scully, Reyes and Doggett go to the ship after hearing what Reyes had found out. Expecting the captain but meeting Rohrer. Doggett tells the ladies to run as he empties round after round into a terminator-style Rohrer marching forward.

Rohrer grabs Doggett, after throwing him around for a bit, and again, it seems like his number is up until... McMahon cuts off Rohrer's head. Somehow, Rohrer's headless body stabs McMahon from behind and they both fall over the side of the dock.

All three agents now run on to the deserted ship and start to look about. Doggett goes off on his own and the ladies do too. Doggett finds a bomb counting down and the ladies find a lab with lots of info. Scully goes frantic trying to find her name on a long list on people. Doggett turns up and informs Scully and Reyes about the bomb. Scully still looks.

Doggett literally has to drag Scully out with only seconds to spare.

The Ship blows up and Scully still has no answers. Just more questions.

Back at the FBI headquaters Doggett decides to finally have it out with Kersh as he has had enough and now that it seems he is about to hand in his badge and gun, it doesn't matter what is said.

It is insinuatied by Kersh that he is in fact on Doggett's side and that he gave Doggett the piece of paper that lead to him investigating what he had just been investigating just now, in the first place. Along with the smoke and mirrors info, it seems that Kersh told Mulder to leave as if not he would be killed. Mulder wasn't going to do that, so it was Scully that made him..

Doggett confused, picks his badge and gun back up and leaves the office and feels a little like the viewer - surprised.

Back at Scully's apartment. Her son acts the same way babies always do. She turns away and gets into bed, turns off her light. Except, while lying in his cot Scully's baby it seems manages to move his mobile without touching it...


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