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Xmas number 1s 2000-2009

Updated on December 26, 2009


This is a rundown of the no 1 UK singles 2000-2009. Notably there is four Xfactor winners who made it to no 1. As a result of downloads by the U.S. Band "rage against the machine'' has made it to No 1 for this year 2009, keeping young Joe McIlderry the winner of this years Xfactor off the top spot.

What is your favourite UK Xmas Number 1 ? (2000-2009)

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Xmas Number 1 - 2000

 Can We Fix It - Bob The Builder

This song was performed by the actor Neil Morrissey, and was a sure fire winner amongst children,having been taken off a televsion programme called 'Bob The Builder'

Xmas Number 1 2001

Somethin' Stupid - Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman

This was a surprise hit for this year, with the duet being performed by an unlikely pairing, but it worked between Nicole and Robbie and resulted in this rather lovely song, originally recorded by the great Frank Sinatra and his daughter Nancy.

Xmas Number 1 2002

Sound Of The Underground - Girls Aloud 

This song was not really a surprise hit, as the winners of 'Pop Idol' Girls Aloud strutted their way to the top, this first single being one of many recorded by the girls, and the ensuing years have brought great success.

Xmas Number 1 2003

Mad World - Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules

This was a rather slow and easy going ballad, probably favoured by adults more than by the youngsters !

Xmas Number 1 2004

 Do They Know It's Christmas -Band Aid 2004

This song was first recorded in 1984 by the Band Aid group and was called Feed The World. To aid the many millions of people starving in the world. It was re-released in 1989 again to raise money for the starving millions in Africa.  The Xmas no 1 was 'rejigged' by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, and flew to No 1 again to raise money for the poor and starving in the third world.

Xmas Number 1 2005

  Shayne Ward - That's My Goal

This record cruised to number 1 with Shayne Ward the first winner of X Factor.  This popular lad from Manchester sailed through the heats to become the winner of X Factor and this single is probably one of the best.

Xmas Number 1 2006

Leona Lewis - A Moment Like This

This record was truly good music, not least because of Leona's singing ability,took her to the top becoming the second of the X Factor winners. she is a brilliant singer and has since gone on to greater heights with many of her songs going straight into the charts. She has also conquered the American market, no mean feat for the young girl from London, who used to dream of being famous.

Xmas Number 1 2007

Leon Jackson - When You Believe

This young man from Livingston the 3rd winner of Xfactor sailed to the top with this record. He has gone on to make a name for himself and continues to produce a wide range of music for his many fans in Scotland and the U.K.

Xmas Number 1 2008

Alexandra Burke - Hallelujah

This is a truly magical song originally recorded by the legendary Leonard Cohen. Alexandra was the fourth X Factor winner and this was the fastest selling single of 2008.She has gone on to have another two hits and her album is due to be released. Alexandra was mentored by the 'Girls Aloud' singer Cheryl Cole in her first outing as one of the judges.

Xmas Number 1 2009

 Rage Against the Machine - Killing In The Name. 

This single shot to number 1, through the help of the Facebook's campain and downloads to keep the fifth X Factor winner Joe McIlderry from having a number 1 with his single 'The Climb'.This was done solely to let Simon Cowell know that he can't manipulate the charts with every Xmas having an X Factor winner have their song go straight to the top.


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