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YES, Close To The Edge, Album Review

Updated on December 1, 2012

The Classic Yes

As I've been a fan of YES since the 1970's, and seen them in concert 20 times, I'm now reviewing the album Close To The Edge. This was recorded during April thru June 1972 and released on September 13th 1972. The band members appearing on this release are Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman and Bill Bruford.

Opening with the 18 minute song Close To The Edge YES showed its ability to weave all its positive energy together at one time. The song CTTE itself is divided into 4 parts, as it opens with Steve Howe's brilliant guitar work, with the rest of the band supporting every moment of his playing. The segment of the song "I get up I get down" showcases singer Jon Anderson alto voice as keyboard player Rick Wakeman accompanies him. Rock had never had such an epic song containing words that actually had some sort of meaning, some might say being "close to the edge" is a drug reference, others might say it means being close to god or spirit or digging deeper as the years go by it provides a spiritual awakening. Either way the song is the showcase of this album.

Next comes And You and I. Opening with Steve Howe's 12 string acoustic guitar, the song comes across as a wonderful love song, although it is never implied to be one. Rick Wakeman uses both the Mellotron and Minimoog Synthesizer to add depth. While listening to the song you'll find it easy to find meaning as Jon sings; "A clearer future morning evening nights with YOU." With many references to "And you and I" during the song, your easily caught up into the orchestral flair of the song. Experience this song and perhaps it will apply to your life !

This 3 song album ends with Siberian Khatru. As the song opens up forcefully, Steve's guitar riff is easy to follow, followed by the depth of Rick's keyboards which he introduces the harpsichord sound. A true tour de force sound, with Steve's solo's echoing in your mind, reminding you why the '70's where great for rock. The song leaves you hungry for more !

Any YES fan or music fan should own this in their collection. It will go down in history as an album of original progressive rock recordings that will sound great for years to come. Close To The Edge was certified as a Gold record in the USA in 1972 and in England in 1984

Please Enjoy This Music Video Of YES


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    • Rock_nj profile image

      John Coviello 6 years ago from New Jersey

      Close to the Edge is as close to perfect as an album can get. Masterful! And great live too!

    • profile image

      Galetzkas 8 years ago

      your review says everything. great. please do a review for my favourite "Tales from topographic ocean"

    • profile image

      June 8 years ago

      I also have been a YES fan for many years and have attended 27 concerts. Close to the Edge is one of those albums that shows the harmonic blend of what makes YES.

      I find it very disheartening that Chris Squire made the decision to Tour without Jon Anderson this time out. Along with myself there are many that feel Jon is the heart and soul of YES and without him on this tour YES will just blend in and disappear. I didn't buy tickets this summer when they played less than 20 minutes from my home and I know many others that didn't either.