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Great Sites for Free or Reduced Prices! Reviewsio (1)

Updated on October 1, 2015

Listen here ladies...and gents! I have some amazing information I would love to share with the world. I have been receiving free products (in some cases, heavily reduced) products. I know of so many different sites you are able to join to start receiving your free products. It's a lot of information, so I would like to do one at a time.

I'm beginning with this particular site because it was just launched today. It's called Reviewsio. I will share the link at the end of my description.

This is an Amazon related site. You sign up, request to review a product (prices will be posted with product), wait for your approval to request, head over to Amazon and enter your special code (for free or reduced price), receive your product, and write your review. It's really simple! Also, you earn 5 points just by logging in. Writing a comment on someone's review (on Reviewsio's site) 10 points! Referrals are big time getting you 10 points just for someone clicking your personal referral link. When someone signs up using your link, that's 100 points. So what are the points for? Points are used to purchase Amazon gift cards! This is great news if you don't have Amazon Prime. If you don't have Amazon Prime, you may need to pay the shipping on your products. These gift cards can be added to your account and you are able to cover shipping! You need 100,000 points for a $50 card and 195,000 for a $100 card. So, start saving those points! The $100 card is a way better deal. I'm very excited about this site and hope you will check it out. Here is how the point system works:

Write a post on your blog about Reviewsio +5,000 points you can only do this 1 time

Refer a friend that signs up +100 points Unlimited

Someone clicks on your referral link +10 points Limit: 2,500 points/week (unique visitors)

Upload a profile picture +150 points 1 time

Upload a profile cover photo +150 points 1 time

Comment on a post or review +10 points Up to 10 comments per day

Just for visiting each day +5 points per day

Reviewsio link

Definitely worth checking it out!


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