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YTV, One Magnificent Morning Secures North American TV Rights for Bible Black!

Updated on April 1, 2015
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Nigel, AKA Bubblegum Senpai has been a weird, anime obsessed freak of nature since he first watched "Samurai Pizza Cats" as a young lad.


It's just been announced that One Magnificent Morning has picked up the rights to popular Japanese mini-series Bible Black for North America. While most details are still unknown, it is expected that this includes a new dubbing of the series, created in partnership with YTV in Canada, which has picked up broadcast and distribution rights for Canada.

The series, which will air Saturday mornings once a month for six months on CW networks, was announced by Nancy Smeltzer, VP of Operations at Litton Entertainment said in a press release.

"We are excited to introduce this Japanese Classic as part of our fall and winter programming for 2015 and 16" she said, referring to the popular mini-series about a group of high school students who come across an occult book and bond with each other over spells.

"It's like Harry Potter, but as a Japanese Cartoon. We really feel that the younger generation will love this series" said Mark Pedowitz, President of CW Network with Time-Warner.

This is a bold move, as the series has a cult status in North America, and the pagan themes may push some parents to seek children's entertainment elsewhere.

"I'd rather have my son watch My Little Pony over this filth" said Mary, who declined to give us her last name. Pastors and preachers have already begun to warn parents of the dangers of Saturday Morning Cartoons. Meanwhile, secular organizations are planning on boycotting the series over the fact that the title of the series includes the word "Bible."

The English language dub will be produced by YTV, which was responsible for the original dub of "Sailor Moon" back in the mid 1990s. As with a lot of anime, it's expected some scenes might need to be cut or edited to be more suitable to western audiences, but just like Sailor Moon, YTV and CW plan on ending each show with an important lesson on being a good member of the community and friendship.

Will this be a smart move on CW's behalf? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more information, and remember, you read it here first.

Exclusive! New US Trailer!

This article was posted on April 1st 2015. Yes, this is an April Fools Day article. Hope you had fun! For more this year on April Fools, check here.

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