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Yamaha Bass Guitar History

Updated on April 8, 2013

Yamaha bass guitar history dates back to more than a century. It is a product manufactured by a company, which has been in the business of musical instruments since 1887. Yamaha Corporation has been one of the leading manufacturers of guitars all over the world and apart from a number of musical instruments that they make; their guitars are rated as been among the finest both in quality and in durability.

They started making the guitars in the year 1942 many innovations have been attributed to the company since they started manufacturing the guitar. The first electric guitar that was manufactured by Yamaha was in the year 1966 in Japan and since then there have been many changes to the design.

A number of legends in the music world have used and are continuing to use the Yamaha bass guitar due to its distinct sound. The company was also among the first to introduce the guitar kits that become a very popular choice for most beginners. It gave them the ideal chance to practice and perfect their skills.

It is not just the beginners who are fond of the Yamaha guitar but also professional musicians who love its design and quality of sound produced. Any musician, who has started his training on a Yamaha guitar, would probably never use another brand.

The association of Yamaha bass guitar with the legends of music started around the 1970s and has continued till date. Music legend Paul McCartney noticed the broad bass technology introduced by the company in 1977 and started using it to play some amazing music.

A very important innovation of the Yamaha guitar that has made it so famous is the introduction of the dovetail neck joint. It is supposed to provide the best neck to guitar body contact and as the neck joint is made of timber, it is said to absorb the vibrations that make the sound so much better.

There are different kinds of timber that are blended to produce one piece of Yamaha bass guitar and it is the blend of the finest wood that world its magic on the sound quality and durability of the guitar.

The lacquer that is used in the guitar is of the best quality and Yamaha has worked very closely with the people who supply lacquer to its guitar in order to ensure that the quality of the guitar is the best among all brands.

The Yamaha Company has also believed in working closely with the musicians who use its instruments and any suggestions that are given by these professionals have been included in the design of the Yamaha bass guitar. The design of the guitar is done in such a wonderful way that it produces one of the most balanced sounds that emanates from a guitar.


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