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Yamaha YDP140 Digital Piano Review

Updated on October 30, 2013

Entry to Pro level

The Yamaha YDP140 Digital Piano is one of the best high quality affordable digital pianos on the market. It comes with a full size 88 key weighted graded Hammer Standard keyboard. THe has 64 notes polyphony, and built-in recording functions. It has a sound which even many proffesional pianists are satisfied with and gentle keys for a beginner.

How does it sound?

The YDP140 only comes with six voices, but are they are good example of Yamaha's high quality in producing musical instruments. The grand piano voices have been sampled at three different velocity levels to give a very realistic piano sound, this is clearly observed by paying the lowest and highest notes which is where many digital pianos fail. Other popular sounds are the electric piano which is good for Jazz/Be-bop styles and also the harpsichord.

Since the YDP140 can operate in dual mode you are able to layer the voices together to create some very interesting textures e.g. Layering piano with strings.

The Features

Graded Hammer Standard keyboard

Similar to a traditional acoustic piano, they keys of the lower notes have a heavier touch, and the higher ones have a lighter touch.

Variable Touch Sensitivity

This can be adjusted to hard, medium or soft to match your playing style or finger strength. For organ playing this feature can be turned off for a fixed responce setting.

Advanced Mave Memory (AWM) Dynamic Stero Sampling

To create sound close to an acoustic instrument, the AWM sampling system is used. High-quality digital sampling and fliter is used for the processing of the sounds. Since a number of difference playing strengths are recorded difference waveform nuancess are produced depending on how a key is pressed.

Half Pedal Control

This allows full control over the sustain length, by the distance the pedal is pressed just like a real piano.


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