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Yandere Girls of Anime

Updated on October 21, 2020
Bubblegum Senpai profile image

Nigel, AKA Bubblegum Senpai was voted most likely to die due to accident involving a cuddle pillow. Haruhi Suzumiya for Life.

Ah, the yandere. Yandere girls (pronounced YON-dah-ray) are a sub-archetype of the Moe characters in anime. They have a certain appeal to them, despite the inherent dangers. Sweet one minute, psycho the next. The yandere not only is in love with you, but she is obsessed with you. Watching your every move, memorizing every detail of any routine you have. she knows you're favorite foods, who your best friends are, what clubs you participate in. And she will do anything to get to you. Prepare a bento box just for you. If your friends start disappearing, she's involved. Maybe you're in an athletic club, and she sabotaged the team captain, so you can't train? All those friends and clubs are just obstacles that keep you from spending time with her anyway.

Yet, when she does talk to you, when she does spend time with you, she is the most devoted, caring loving individual. Can't you see? She's doing this all for you!

And with that, here are some of the top yanderes in anime and manga!

Lucy, here confronting Kouda, who at this time has forgotten her past and doesn't know about Lucy's bloodthirst.
Lucy, here confronting Kouda, who at this time has forgotten her past and doesn't know about Lucy's bloodthirst. | Source


Kaede is the birth name of the Diclonius Lucy in Elfen Lied.

A lot of people consider Kaede a Yandere because of her switching back and forth in her Lucy/Nyu personalities. But when you look deeper, it goes back a lot further.

As a child, she was abandoned by her mother for her horn-like features, ostracized, and cut off from society. She grew up in an orphanage where she was a regular and constant subject of abuse.

In Elfen Lied, the Diclonius are a new species of human. They have four invisible arms, called "vectors," and like any animal, they also have the instinct to kill others they see as a threat to the survival of the species. In this case, that threat is us: normal humans.

This is where we see the real Yandere. Lucy, befriending Kouda, was very sweet and kind to him, and even loved him... even years later when they reunited, loved him still. When she was with him, she lost her desire to kill, unless her life was directly threatened by people hunting her down. But when she became hurt, she went full out diclonius, killing people in a fit of jealousy when she found out Kouda spent Tanabata with his female cousin, and that the cousin liked Kouda too. Eventually, killing Kouda's father and sister, leaving only him alive.

"You are alive ONLY because you are my friend."

—Lucy/Kaede, Elfin Lied

the "Dere" version of Karumi, who has a genuine interest in Shido, even the possibility of romance.
the "Dere" version of Karumi, who has a genuine interest in Shido, even the possibility of romance. | Source
Karumi is about ready to kill someone.
Karumi is about ready to kill someone. | Source

Tokisaki Karumi

Tokisaki Karumi is a character from the currently airing series Date a Live. In Date a Live there are manifestations called "spirits" who cause havoc. The premise is that if Shido can make the different Spirits develop an emotional bond with him (not necessarily romantic), then he can seal their powers with a kiss, thus making them fairly normal humans.

Karumi is a tad different from other spirits though. She happens to possess an unusually high amount of bloodthirst, and depending on how she manifests herself, she can't really determine whether she loves Shido, or completely distrusts him. And because of her spirit powers to manipulate time to her benefit, whenever she begins to fall for Shido, she is often killed by a version of herself from a different time and replaced by her alternate, thus making him have to work all over again from the beginning to gain her trust. She is however willing to help Shido in times of trouble. In a way, she treats killing like an erotic act, and wants to be the one to finish Shido off herself. In her mind, that's actually kind of romantic.

"You had no problems taking away an innocent life, but now when you're about to die, suddenly you're afraid?"

—Tokisaki Karumi, Date a Live

Promotional image of Sekai (left) and Kotonoha (right) and their respective weapons.
Promotional image of Sekai (left) and Kotonoha (right) and their respective weapons. | Source

Katsura Kotonoha and Sekai Saionji

Okay, here's School Days in a reader's digest version, because this anime is so awful that you shouldn't need to watch it:

Basically, you have a main character named Motoko. He has a huge crush on a girl named Katsura. Sekai, his best friend, helps set them up. then Sekai starts acting strangely because she's jealous and likes Motoko herself. Motoko realizes he also likes Sekai, so he two times them, dumps one, goes to the other, goes back to the first one... basically, he's an all around jerk. Then in a jealous fit—SPOILER ALERT—Sekai kills Motoko with a kitchen knife, then Kotonoha kills Sekai with a handsaw, and removes the head of Motoko from his corpse in an obsession with him to make sure she'll always have Motoko by her side.

Quite frankly, Motoko and Sekai both deserved their fates. But that's what happens when you not only commit to dating one yandere, but then cheat on her with another.

Sekai's past wasn't discussed as much, but we know Kotonoha was brought up in a rigid household with a strict father, and as such had never had any past boyfriends and was often bullied by other students because of her on again/off again relationship with Motoko. After making love to Motoko, she became absolutely devastated at him leaving for Sekai. Like she snapped. Sekai on the other hand was just an absolute (redacted). Both Motoko and Sekai betrayed Kotonoha, and I felt really good about the ending myself.

"Just because you like him doesn’t mean you’ll get anywhere by crossing me."

—Kotonoha Katsura, School Days

There's a monster in your closet, and her name is Gasai Yuno. Yet, she's portrayed in "just" enough of a light that a true Yandere fan would still fall in love with her.
There's a monster in your closet, and her name is Gasai Yuno. Yet, she's portrayed in "just" enough of a light that a true Yandere fan would still fall in love with her. | Source

Gasai Yuno

That's it. This is the Queen of all Yanderes. This Future Diary leading lady doesn't just love Yukiteru, she is obsessed with him. She has everything: The completely sweet and adorable side, and the complete psycho; she is both, often at the same time. In fact it is when she is at her sweetest and most loving that she's the scariest.

And it comes down to one thing: obsession.


Yuno Gasai grew up in an orphanage until she was adopted as young teen. But her adoptive mother, who suffered from clinical depression, was abusive towards her, and her new father was afraid to become involved and stood up for her. Spending most of her time when not in school living in a cage and starved to the point where she would eat her straw bedding, she eventually snapped, forcing her parents into the cage.

But then when Yuno suggested to Yukiteru in a class project that they get married when they grew up, thinking she was joking he agreed to it. They never spoke again after that until the "Future Diaries Game" began, but since that day, one month after her parents died of starvation, he became her only hope for a normal life. she became obsessed with him. In fact her diary, which tells the future as if she had entered them herself, predicts every single one of Yukiteru's actions, every ten minutes.


There is nothing this girl wouldn't do to stay close to Yuki... stalking, kidnapping, murder, breaking and entering into his house when he's sleeping. She will do absolutely everything for him, whether he likes it or not. Love can be pretty scary! If you have an interest in yandere characters, then this is the series for you.

"Because, If you get along with this girl, you might fall in love with her... That's why I have to kill her. I won't let anyone get close to Yuki. I'll kill anyone who tries[ . . . ] I'm the only friend you need, right? Right?"

—Gasai Yuno, Future Diaries

"Future Diaries" Anime Music Video (Song: Mz Hyde by Halestorm


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