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Yasmin Lee from the Movie Hangover 2

Updated on June 10, 2012
Yasmin Lee played the character Kimmy in Hangover 2
Yasmin Lee played the character Kimmy in Hangover 2

Also known as Kimmy the Ladyboy in the movie Hangover 2

Anyone who has watched the movie Hangover 2 will tell you that they laughed out loud until they cried during a scene in the movie where the Wolfpack first met Yasmin Lee's character Kimmy in the dressing room of a go go bar.

If you've never seen Hangover 2, well here is a big spoiler alert. Yasmin Lee is a ladyboy or in Thai called a 'katoey'. Although Yasmin Lee is not Thai at all but a Pacific Islander. And Stu the groom (played by Ed Helms) who had no recollection at all thanks to a potent drug induced haze had a wild raunchy filled night with a character named Kimmy played perfectly by Yasmin Lee.

Watching Stu wretch and paralyzed with disbelief after discovering his missing hours with Kimmy was worth the price of the movie ticket itself. And the end credits where photos were shown of the actual sexual acts performed by Stu and Kimmy was priceless.

This was not Yasmin's first film role however which I'm not surprised since she was so comfortable in front of the camera. Well that's because Yasmin is a very popular hard core porn star with over a dozen films on her resume since 2004. It's no wonder why she was so comfortable in the scene which involved full frontal nudity.

Ladyboys are very popular in Thailand and many of them have become celebrity movie stars including other types of media such as television and music industry. But Yasmin Lee is not a common household name in the world of katoeys in Bangkok however. Though she certainly is popular now in the west due to her mainstream movie appearance.

Though Thailand's third gender is certainly not a new phenomena, with the rising popularity of Bangkok's fame thanks to the Hangover 2 we can be sure that the city will see a surge in tourism especially in Bangkok's red light districts.

You won't find Yasmin Lee working in a go go bar inside one of Bangkok's famous red light districts. Not that it would stop most visitors who want to meet ladyboys in Bangkok.

Though some of the scenes filmed with Stu and Kimmy were shot in King's Castle 3, which is a very popular go go bar in the Patpong red light district which employs an all ladyboy staff.

You do not have to be gay to visit King's Castle 3 or any other ladyboy go go bar establishment in the city. Go go bars in Bangkok have become a major tourist attraction and visitors who are just interested in a look see are always welcome. Though you do have to buy a drink.

One word of warning though. If you are good looking guy there is a good chance you will be hit on by the ladyboys working inside. And usually a simple 'no thank you' and a smile will do. But do beware. Ladyboys can be quite feisty and aggressive.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I thought I would just point out that Yasmin Lee was born in Thailand.

    • johncimble profile image


      8 years ago from Bangkok

      wow i really love this part of your article '' If you are good looking guy there is a good chance you will be hit on by the ladyboys working inside. And usually a simple 'no thank you' and a smile will do. But do beware. Ladyboys can be quite feisty and aggressive.'' i'm agree with you (Y)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This was a good editorial,presenting Yasmin in a good light...dd

    • Trsmd profile image


      8 years ago from India

      If you are just going to watch it for the laughs and not a plot then I doubt you will be disappointed.


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