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Year of the Rat Chinese ZodiacHoroscope

Updated on June 6, 2015

So You Were Born in the Year of the Rat

People who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat are known to be very aggressive and charming. They have an attitude where they can be talkative and expressive at times. They love mingling with other people that is why they often go to gatherings, but they also love talking with friends and spend solemn times with them.

They can be silent people, but you won't often catch them in that mood. Unlike the other Chinese zodiac signs, they have a lot of acquaintances in almost everywhere and they often have friends that are true to them. This is the reason why when a Rat befriends you, they will make sure to cherish and revere every moment that they have for you.

You will surely be treated as their family because that's how they treasure people who are dear to them. If you sense a Rat who has a problem, you can't do anything to let him speak up because they love keeping their own problems rather than share it with other people. They may be very talkative, but it doesn't mean that they will tell stories about their problems to anyone around them.

The Chinese zodiac sign Rat can be suburban and has a narrow mind when it comes to the different outlooks in life, but they are honest enough to admit these things to themselves. They have the ability to achieve the success that they want, for as long as their issues in life are well managed. The good thing about the Rat sign is that they can accomplish a lot of things in a day.

The reason behind this is because of the instincts that they have and the confidence that helps them in finishing every task that they have in hand. They may become too hard headed at times because they always prefer to follow the rules that they have, rather than the rules of the people around them. If you're planning to work with people who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rat then you need to be prepared because they are known to perfectionists.

Metal Rat: 1900 and 1960

People who are born under the metal Rat are known to be very resolute and tough when it comes in different situations. They are very emotional which can sometimes cause them to feel possessive, and envious with the people who are dear to them. They are fond of being on the go and being the leader at times which other people find very selfish.

On the other hand, they are not to be obstinate when it comes to their personal lives, business and even to their relationship with the opposite sex. It is advisable for Rats under metal that they need to work with the opposite sex to make the relationship work perfect. Another thing that you should know about metal rat is that they love showing of their homes and they can definitely flaunt everything because of their good taste in decorating.

Water Rat: 1912 and 1972

One of the Chinese zodiac signs that can easily influence the people around them is the water Rat. They are very intelligent and quick thinkers, which make them, solve problems easily. They are also known to be practical and they know how to understand a situation no matter how hard it is for them. A lot of people find them very compassionate, generous and obliging because these Rats love using the skills that they have every single day. This is the reason why a lot of people adore them in different fields of life. On the other hand, they tend to find advantages for themselves and they will surely use the talents that they have just to achieve every gain that they desire.

Wood Rat: 1924 and 1984

People who are born under wood Rat may feel very confident at times, but deep inside them they are unsure of what they can accomplish by themselves. You will not notice this kind of attitude with them because they are good at hiding it. People who are dear to them will surely be the ones to know about this self issue about themselves. People under this Chinese zodiac sign are always in the midst of anxiety when it comes to certain things, such as down fall. This is despite the fact that they have the biggest chance to achieve the success that they need in life. On the other hand, a lot of people like them because they are good at working with other people and they are born to be great leaders. Their friends and family also loves them that much, which makes them very secure of themselves. You will notice how they work best whenever they are around their friends and family.

Fire Rat: 1936 and 1996

A free spirited Chinese zodiac sign is what fire Rat is all about. This is the reason why their vigor and spontaneity in life always fire up in different situations that they are in. People under this sign love going to different places, try different foods and as well as cultures. You will notice that they are fond in changing their residence and the jobs that they have because they don't like to do the same old routine in their lives. They are also loved by other people because they can make people around them to feel comfortable when they are there. They don't let anyone feel out of place because they also don't want to feel the same way. Unlike the other signs, they are known to be very energetic, autonomous and charitable at times.

Earth Rat: 1948 and 2008

The earth Rat is what solidifies the personality of the person who is born under this Chinese zodiac sign. They know how to prepare for the future by working early in their lives to make sure that their families will have a better future. They know how to control themselves whenever there are things that need to be done immediately. They don't jump into the project immediately because they believe that being prepared with everything first would be ideal to achieve success. People under this Chinese zodiac sign are known to be honored by a lot of people. Typically once they start achieving success they will slowly find the feeling of peace among themselves. This can cause for them to hold their finances hard to make sure that everything is going to the right places.

Overall Rats are very well talented and organized in everything that they do, which makes them a good politician or businessman in the near future. The only downside is they tend to spend money too quickly. Of course, they always make sure that they are spending something that they can still earn later on in life.


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      Maya 2 years ago

      Now if it was like some of the festivals in Spain... they bring in trukcs filled with peas, which the drunken young Pea Enthusiasts then proceed to throw at each other.Well, I'd all for that.The modern frozen baby peas are pretty popular in our house. Our kids will pour them cold into a bowl and snack on them.And a "Pie Floater" is popular here. A meat pie swimming in mushy canned peas. All your meat and vegetables in a convenient pre-chewed form.

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      Elena 5 years ago from London, UK

      Very interesting. I read Horoscopes, but this is the first time I've read about Chinese Horoscopes. Thanks.