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Yeezus Christ give it a rest already! Why Kanye is wearing us down! How Kris Jenner controls him.

Updated on February 20, 2015

Kanye West wearing a mask made by Maison Martin Margiela

The Kardashian effect

I have to wonder if this new outspoken, bat-sh*t crazy and definitely delusional Kanye is somehow related to his relationship with Kim Kardashian? He never acted insane and went on rants about how he was a genius he just made music and dated a bald chic. Maybe he has been sucked into the Kardashian machine and since Kim is like the biggest (non talented) celebrity in the world; it has inflated his ego and turned him into a big, loud mouth douche bag. You know the kind of guy, we have all known one that was sweet as could be and then he got rich or laid by a stripper and suddenly his "stock" hit the roof and he was never the same. It's like once a man gets the ultimate validation which could be one of many things depending on the person, they turn into egomaniacs. They also usually end up broke and living in a trailer reminiscing about the good ole' days. I doubt that Kanye will ever end up on skid row but I do see him talking himself right out of a job and an audience. I mean come on he ranted for 27 minutes about how he wasn't going to rant for 6 months..

Kanye kan't keep kuiet

Kanye West is quickly turning into the most unfortunate train wreck in American music history. It's so sad, all he had to do was just stick with what he was good at like producing quality music (which he has an impeccable history of producing amazing music), design his clothes & sneakers and relish his millions. But he had to go and jump on the crazy train. We got our first glimpse of the crazy Ye when he interrupted Taylor Swift and made her cry. Looking back at Kanye in the early 2000's when he released "Spit it through the wire", that should have been an early indication that not even a broken jaw was going to silence this guy.

Whose really running things?

Being that the Kardashian's are my guilty television pleasure I would LOVE to know what the Queen B (you can decide what the B stands for) Mrs. Jenner herself thinks of all this bad press? Listen this lady told her own daughter (on camera for the world to hear) that she was fat and she needed to lose weight because she was affecting their "brand". I would almost bet you money that it's Kris who told Kanye to STFU. Yeezus needs to take his baby & baby Momma, his money and go on an extra long vacation somewhere for like a year before he is nothing more than another waste of talent we see on a future episode of "Where are they now?

Let's poll Kanye's "influence"

Are you mesmerized and impressed with what a super genius Kanye West is? (Or claims to be)

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He believes what?

Even though he has named himself Yeezus which pretty much means he identifies with a very popular religious figure, he actually feels a more physical connection to another big name in Hollywood. He believes that he is the 2nd coming of Walt Disney, stating "I'm just a creative. I'm more like, a Walt Disney or something. Like, rap is just a chamber of my thoughts. It¹s something that I really wanted to express as a modern-day poet, because you know, if I had lived in a past lifetime, maybe I would have been a playwright or something. But in this lifetime, to be the most heard and the most relevant, the most relevant is to be a rap rock star. You can express at the highest level there". He spoke those insightful words to Chicago¹s Power 105.1 on November 26, 2013

Kanye and his former self

Jay Z might have 99 Problems but as long as Kanye is around his mouth is not one of them...

The craziness does end there folks, I am going to catch you up with some of the outlandish talk that has made most of his fans say WTF? Get ready to be entertained because he is gonna spit some doozies!

  • He told Chicago Power 105.1 that Kim Kardashian his baby mama is channeling Marilyn Monroe and deserved the Vanity Fair cover over Kate Upton who channeled Marilyn for the shoot.
  • During a November 24th 2013 concert at Madison Square Gardens, he dissed Lenny Kravitz knowing that Kravitz was in attendance and let this craziness loose on the audience- "Have you heard anyone talk shit about Lenny Kravitz? He¹s a nice guy, he's so well-mannered. I envy people who are extremely likable, I'm like, Damn, I wish I could be likable like that". I don't know about you but to me that is one very back handed comment, I bet Lenny Kravitz won't waste another Friday night at a Kan-kray kray concert!
  • Nov. 18, 2013 West compared himself to the lead character in the movie 12 Years A Slave - “For me, I felt like the main character in what I'm dealing with even as a mega-popular-rich-celebrity-fuck-you-who-do-you-think-you-are-to-complain-about-anything situation that I'm in,” I will spare you the rest of this lunacy and leave this nugget of a rant at that!
  • Kanye went on a twitter rampage and blasted Jimmy Kimmel saying Kimmel was a "manipulative media mutherfucker and also wrote of Kimmel's ex-girlfriend, "Sarah Silverman is a thousand times funnier than you and the whole world knows it!"
  • In October of 2013 Kanye told Ryan Seacrest that Kim Kardashian his now Fiance was more influential than Michelle Obama.
  • Kanye also enlightened us by letting us know that he does NOT feel badly about his behavior towards Taylor Swift when he cut her off and ruined her acceptance speech during the MTV Music Awards because “I'm complete awesomeness at all times. Beauty, truth, awesomeness. That's all it is.”

The cover that sparked a thousand debates!


© 2014 Karen Ranoni


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