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Yes Concert Review 1999

Updated on December 1, 2012

The vibe for 1999's The Ladder Tour was outstanding. Fans were pleased with the promise Yes made to us earlier in the decade to continue with non stop touring. As far as new classic rock album releases went, 1999 was a pretty dull year. However the release of The Ladder was a breath of fresh air into the market. Receiving little to no air play was the norm for Yes, but the fans knew good, or in this case GREAT music when we heard it. Recording the songs basically with one take, the songs have a unique fit for the time.

On December 11th 1999 I went to see Yes at the Boston Orpheum. A very cold and windy early winter's day quickly turned into a toasty evening of music for my ears to hear. The band’s line up for the evening was Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Alan White, Igor Khoroshev and Billy Sherwood.

Opening with Yours Is No Disgrace, Steve was able to capture everyone’s attention with his mid song solo. Sound quality of the band, and of the venue were exceptional that evening, with all of it feeding off each other to reach heights of musical Yes greatness.
What was interesting is that the new songs from The Ladder worked in concert, Homeworld was well received, the ending of the song with Jon’s singing left everyone gasping at his range and musical interplay with Igor. Lightening Strikes was well played, quickly. Interesting on the song Face To Face, everyone and I mean everyone in the theater got into this song, was standing, clapping, pounding their seats or the side of the stage. After all, the song had just been released on the album and got no air play, but Yes was that hot that evening. Pure greatness.

Outstanding versions of the classics played that evening included;
And You And I, Awaken and Roundabout had everyone standing

When I left Boston that evening I realized that the 1990's were over, for that fact the millennium was over. What an outstanding touring run Yes had done in the last 12 years. That evening there was little reason to go home disappointed. Sure there was no Close To The Edge played, but still what was played was a perfect ending to the tour, and the Yes millennium as well.


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    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 5 years ago from Central Florida

      Leigh,I am a HUGE Yes fan. And of all the members. In 1974, I went to Rick Wakeman's "Jouney to the Center of the Earth" concert! Talk about WOW! I was 4 rows from the stage, in the center, on the floor. I was so close I could see his track marks, but what a phenominal keyboardist! And the Philharmonic Orchestra with him was fabulous! Truly awesome.

      I have something kind of bizarre to tell you. As preface, I need to say I always have a song in my head. Even when I wake up in the middle of the night, there's a song in my head.

      One morning, several years ago, my alarm went off and I had "Roundabout" playing thru my head. When I get ready for work, I don't put on the TV, I play the stereo. First thing I do is put it on after my feet hit the floor. On this particular morning, I kid you not, Roundabout was on the radio. What's bizarre, is the song was at the exact point in play that it was in my head! I will never forget that day. What a trip, huh?

      Voted up, my new found friend! Thanks for following me. I guess maybe you heard the music in my head??