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Yngwie Malmsteen Eclipse 1990 album review featuring keyboardist Mats Olausson

Updated on January 7, 2018

Eclipse: an image of the CD Eclipse


A Brief iIntroduction to the album Eclipse

When the album Eclipse was written, Yngwie Malmsteen by this time had released his fifth full length album. The year was 1990 and a new decade was beginning. With this album, we have a new keyboard player in the name of Mats Olausson that had been with Yngwie pretty much ever since. He has been the only real constant member since that time. And for this album there is another new vocalist. His name is Goran Edman who is from Sweden. The album contains 11 songs for over 45 minutes in length. The album’s lyrical concepts deal with relationships and love. The production is crisper compared to 1988’s Odyssey album.

Track Listing for Eclipse

  1. Making Love
  2. Bedroom Eyes
  3. Save Our Love
  4. Motherless Child
  5. Devil in Disguise
  6. Judas
  7. What Do You Want?
  8. Demon Driver
  9. Faultline
  10. See You In Hell (Don’t Be Late)
  11. Eclipse (instrumental)

A look at the album Eclipse: the good qualities

The first song making Love is about a person that discovers that the person he loves is breaking his heart. He still wants to make love to her. Many times, people will be attracted to partners that are not right for them.

With this album Yngwie seems to incorporate more keyboard orchestration and sounds which make it interesting. This is particularly true in the song called Judas. This is the third consecutive album with a different vocalist. Mark Boals and Joe Lynn Turner sang on the two previous releases prior to this one. That song Judas starts out with keyboard playing before turning into a solid and classic rock song. That song is probably the best song on the album as Goran really pours lots of emotion and basically sings his heart out. The songs Bedroom Eyes and Faultline are songs that the listener should probably skip over because they are not all that great. Motherless Child is another one of those songs with good vocals, heavy guitars and overall just awesome musicianship. This one has always been a favorite of mine. The guitar solo in this song is particularly awesome because of its speed and feeling. The song Devil in Disguise contains some operatic kind of chanting in the beginning. It also has some heavy guitar playing when the solo is being played at the same time. This one is another solid song just like the one before it. Other good songs on this album include Demon Driver, What do You Want, and See You in Hell (Don’t Be Late).

Yngwie also seems to have a fascination with instrumental songs as he did in 1990. The title track Eclipse is another solid instrumental track. You can tell that it has the obvious neoclassical elements in it along with a section that sounds like it has an Arabic kind of influence to it. The rating that I would give this album is 70 out of 100. Why would this album get such a score? It is mainly because of the songs Bedroom Eyes and Faultline which drag the score down.

The back of the album cover for Eclipse

The music video for the song Making Love

Conclusion about Eclipse

This album has a few not so good songs which have already been mentioned and it has production which is too soft and muted. Goran Edman is a decent vocalist and he would return for Yngwie’s next release called Fire and Ice. Yngwie makes good use of the keyboard parts and orchestration and the album is a decent release. This is a good one for fans of Yngwie Malmsteen to have in their collection.

The song called Motherless Child

The song called Judas (Great Beginning Part to This One)


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