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Yotube and Yutube Videos

Updated on August 10, 2012

What is Yotube?

OK so this is one of my hubs with quirky content this time regarding Yotube, I think my regular readers will find it amusing and interesting for this reason. I must admit I was inspired by Ryan Ketts hub regarding 'U tube' and wound up noticing there are a heck of a lot of searches on Google each month for the sites I am about to talk about, 9,140,000 for Yutube as a matter of fact.

Whether this is because people mistype the words Youtube or for whatever reason; I thought I would investigate and see what these web addresses were about. I have actually stumbled upon a number of times in the past myself but I can't understand how some people manage to type the likes of yotub, yutobe and you tube? they must be extremely fast typers or holding a cheeseburger in one hand whilst scouring the net!

Yotube Music?

If you should happen to find yourself on the Yotube website you aren't going to find any videos or music you are looking for, not in my opinion anyway. The actual website seems to be a cleverly devised marketing strategy probably designed by someone like many writers on this website, I say this because it is in fact nothing but links and what appear to be Google ads promoting MP3 downloads and software. The creator seems to have taken advantage of the association with the official Youtube website and has even included a few photos of mp3 players to make it look like a genuine site.

Youtube Videos - Craze of recent years

There can be no doubt that the official Youtube website has been a revolution in freedom of speech and artistic expression, it means the average Joe can upload what ever funny, musical, filming or informative videos he has created by himself. Of course there are copyright and other ethical restrictions but it has an appeal to people who want an unbiased media, both young and old! If you have been living on another planet and are not one of the 24,900,000 monthly visitors I suggest you go and watch some Youtube Videos now.

Yutube Videos?

I'm afraid is an even less subtle marketing scheme, this time the website throws everything at you from audio adverts, questionnaires and promises of winning a 'free ipad' be extra careful not to mistype this address unless you want these spammers to make a fortune from just cashing in on a successful artistic enterprise. You might also be unlucky enough to stumble upon some dodgy parody of Asian pornography!


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      5 years ago

      En tre el no viono

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      5 years ago

      i did not hear you music but if you send

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      5 years ago

      mani karin


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