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The Maury Povich Show: You Are Not The Father - Maury DNA Test

Updated on May 20, 2011

The Maury Show: Guest DNA Test

It always seems to amaze me that these women come on this show having knowledge that they have slept around and say, " I am 99.999999% sure that he is the father " or " I am 1,000% sure he is the daddy ". About 75% of these women be wrong as hell and then have the nerve to return with other possible cases that they coincidentally did not mention when they were 1000% sure the first time. If you know you have been with other men then why come on the show and embarrass yourself and other people yelling and ranting and raving just to be wrong and then end up backstage on the floor crying. At the same time you have a unsympathetic so called "dead beat dad " doing dances on stage because he told us so.

Even though I know that these men have the right to be upset, some of them are very disrespectful before they even know if the child is theirs. Like one guy said that the woman's son looked like Stewie from family guy but ended up being the child's father so how do you take something that insensitive back ?? You can't. Guy's need to realize that women these days have just as much game as men so condom's are always a must. All that I am on Birth Control and all that is old. If you are not tripping off getting someone pregnant at least think about HIV etc.

But what about the women who come on Maury to tell their husband's that they have cheated and the child may not be theirs?? That has to be heartbreaking especially if you have been in the child's life from day one and signed the birth certificate. That is a lot to deal with especially if you find out the other dude is the father and you are not. Then what if the other guy is not the father and neither is the husband?? She has a lot of explaining to do don't you think?? In this day and age all that sleeping around is super risky.

If you are sleeping with two men that close together with know condom that is just ridiculous. If its that close where you can not even distinguish who is your child's father than I think you need to stop having sex all together..  That type of risky behavior is why the AIDS cases have been higher lately especially in Washington, DC. The Nation's Capitol is too small for them to have the leading number of cases in the US.

I think that everyone should watch The Maury Povich Show if you have not already because it can teach a lot of lessons on both ends of the scenario.

The Maury Povich Studio

The Maury Povich Studio
The Maury Povich Studio

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    • profile image

      Lanecia 7 years ago

      TI feel srry for them woman who be on the maruyshow who dnt knw who they babies dadd is nd yall be on the show cryin u find out tht he is nt your babies daddy u have sleep wit sumebody easy

    • optimus grimlock profile image

      optimus grimlock 7 years ago

      Great hub, i love this show! If you dont know who your babies father is then u are definatly a ho!!!

    • stacies29 profile image

      stacies29 8 years ago from Washington DC

      I think that your sexual escapades are your business and they do not need to be broadcast all over the TV screens.