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You Get Me: Netflix Original Movie

Updated on July 1, 2017
You Get Me was released on June 23, 2017 as an original Netflix movie. It is an American thriller written by Ben Epstein and directed by Brent Bonacorso.
You Get Me was released on June 23, 2017 as an original Netflix movie. It is an American thriller written by Ben Epstein and directed by Brent Bonacorso.


A 17-year old high school boy named Tyler (Taylor John Smith) learns at a party that his girlfriend Alison (Halston Sage) has a past that is explicitly detailed by a guy that Alison has apparently slept with. Tyler gets mad and confronts Alison but they end up breaking up. Crestfallen about the break up and reality that he doesn't know Alison like he thought he did, he sees Holly (Bella Thorne) outside the house party. Holly and Tyler already had a chitchat a while back as they lined up for their turn to use the comfort room. Holly instantly notices that Tyler is having a bad day so she gives a sarcastic remark about him enjoying the night. Tyler tells her that he got dumped by his girlfriend so Holly takes the chance to invite him. Tyler instantly hops into her car and they spend the night. They sleep together then he wakes up in a luxurious home. Tyler tells Holly about Alison and Holly tells him about his dead father and her stepmother who's always out of town. After spending the weekend in Holly's huge house, Tyler tells Holly that they had a special time but he has to leave. The following day, Ali tells Tyler about her dark past. They both agree that there shouldn't be any secrets between them. In school, Tyler is suprised to see Holly who joins their group of friends, Gil (Nash Grier) and Lydia (Anna Akana). He is tensed at the sight of his friends and most especially his girlfriend Ali being close to Holly. After school, he messages Holly to meet her. Tyler tells her that she's into Ali and what they had was just a fling. Holly gets furious and threatens Tyler that he should pay for what he has done. Holly still joins his group of friends and starts flirting with Gil. Lydia is suddenly suspicious of Holly because she couldn't find her in social media. She tells Ali about Holly but then Lydia suddenly ends up in the hospital after drinking a smoothie handed by Holly. Tyler gets very anxious at what is happening, knowing that Holly is not only obssessed with him but is also dangerous and capable of hurting the people he cares about. Things get more frightening for Tyler when he learns that Holly's next target is his girlfriend Ali.

Is it worth watching?

Whatever happened to the quality of filming? You Get Me isn't worth a penny at all and it isn't worth the time as well. I watched it because it is something new in Netflix and that it is an original Netflix movie. It was a complete waste of time to watch this movie because there is nothing new, no creative twists, no unique character and even the rising action of the story is ridiculously typical. It's something that a high school student could've written. I get that they intended the movie for teenage viewers but really, there has been way too many movies of this theme and nobody needs another movie like this. I didn't even get tensed or scared at watching the movie. They have a really simple plot that anyone could've thought of in 10 minutes and I was expecting that despite the unoriginal theme of the movie, the lines may be different but then there was really nothing good that I could see in the movie except for the good view of the the beach in Sta. Montana. The story wasn't well writen, the lines were boring and uncreative and I pity the actors because they ended up in such a bad project and I'm guessing that they are all new actors. This is not something that Netflix should be promoting.


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