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Star Wars You May Be A Fan Boy If

Updated on August 22, 2011

You May Be A Star Wars Fan Boy If...

The Run Down:

Okay so you live in your Mom and Dad's Basement at the age of thirty five, you love to eat Cheetos and drink enormous amounts of Mountain Dew while watching the Star Wars films in their entirety, and so what if you role play in the Star Wars universe with your friends (who also still live with Mom and Dad) until two in the morning and that you spend exorbitant amounts of time playing Star Wars Battlefront on your X-Box. What does it matter that you haven't had a girl friend since the time that Return of the Jedi was released or that you haven't touched a real live woman in all your life... (No Moms don't count!) You are who you are and you are proud to call yourself Fan Boy.

If you are having trouble recognizing yourself as a Fan Boy of the Star Wars fanaticism well here are the ways of the force... opps excuse me, heh force of habit, here are the ways to tell if you've been bitten by the Fan Boy bug.

You May Be Star Wars A Fan Boy If:

  • You quote Yoda (mimicking his voice no less) to give advice to people.
  • You think going solo means you are going to dress up as Han for the Comic Con.
  • You've seen the Star Wars films more than three times each.
  • You wear any Star Wars related paraphernalia.
  • You've ever had a Darth Vadar birthday cake or Star Wars themed birthday party.
  • You think a camping trip is setting up a tent on a sidewalk for two weeks in front of a movie theater dressed up as a Storm Trooper to see a Star Wars movie premier.
  • You've had a Star Wars themed wedding.
  • You still have all your Star Wars action figures.
  • Your Mom has thrown out your collection of mint Star Wars action figures you've collected since you were ten years old.
  • You can't see why a girl doesn't know what a wookie is.
  • You have a poster of Princess Leia in her slave clothing while chained up on Jabba The Hutt's sail barge.
  • You spend more than one hour a day playing Star Wars based video games. 
  • You dress up in a costume to look like a Star Wars character.
  • Darth Vadar or Yoda are your heroes.
  • Your wife has divorced you because you spent your rent money on a bust of Darth Vadar.
  • You have the plans to the Death Star on your wall in your room.

These are all signs that you are a Fan Boy.


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    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      I agree with all but two signs. you would never get married because you never date. That leaves out the marraige/wife signs.