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You Tube Videos and You

Updated on August 29, 2012

You Tube and You

A website for video-sharing, You Tube was created by three former employees of PayPal in February of the year two thousand five, on which users are able to share, view and upload videos.

Based in the California city of San Bruno, the company uses HTML5 and AdobeFlashVideo technology for displaying a broad variety of video content which is generated by users.

These include music videos, TV clips and movie clips as well as other content which is more amateur, like short original videos and video blogs.

Many of the YouTube content uploads are done by individuals although corporations of media including Hulu, VEVO, BBEC and CBS as well as other organizations do offer some features through the site as part of a partnership program with YouTube.

Users who are unregistered are able to watch videos while users who are registered are able to upload a many videos as they would like.

Video clips considered to be offensive can only be uploaded by registered users who are a minimum of eighteen years old.

In November of the year two thousand six, Google Inc purchased YouTube LLC for one-point-sixty-five billion US Dollars. Thus, at the moment, YouTube operates as a Google subsidiary.

Founded by former PayPal employees Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, the first uploaded YouTube video was called Me at the Zoo.

At the San Diego Zoo, founder Jawed Karim is seen and this video was uploaded on the twenty-third of April, two thousand five.

The site grew rapidly and by the year two thousand six, there were sixty-five thousand new video uploads each day. At this point the site was receiving one million video viewings each day.

According to comScore market research published data, this website is now the online video dominant provider in the United States with market shares of about forty-three per cent more than fourteen billion video views in May of two thousand and ten. Every minute, about sixty hours of new videos are uploaded.

Each month, the site has 800 million unique monthly users. Behind Facebook and Google, Alexa has ranked YouTube the 3rd website most visited on the net.

In two thousand eight, an agreement was reached by YouTube with CBS, Lions Gate Entertainment and MGM which allowed companies to post films that were full length and TV episodes on the site, along with ads in a US viewer section called 'Shows.'

This was done with the intention of creating website competition to Fox, NBC or Disney material featured in Hulu. In the year two thousand and nine, YouTube launched UK viewer 'shows' offering four thousand shows that were full-length from over sixty partners.

An online rental filming service was introduced in January of two thousand ten which is available currently only to users in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

In order for abuse to be reduced on the features of the site, YouTube has a community guideline set that prohibits material that includes shock videos, animal abuse, those with sexual explicit content and the ones uploaded with no consent from holders of copyright.


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    • epigramman profile image


      5 years ago

      Good morning my friend from lake erie time ontario canada 4:56am and I think that you have the most wonderful assortment of hub subjects and topics - hubbravo to you - and yes I think that You Tube is a modern wonder of the world - - I would consider myself a resident musicologist and I can't stump it for a query - it literally has everything - and that is just music - there are hundreds if not thousands of excellent documentaries on there as well - thank you for filling me in on the origins and the background of You Tube - it is so nice to meet you and you have a wealth of information in your hubs - what is the weather like where you live - here we are in the winter season of Canada but have received no major snowfalls yet and it is still fairly mild by the lake


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