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YouTube: 25 MORE Videos Worth Watching (at least once)

Updated on April 2, 2013


YouTube is a most wonderful website with many uses throughout the world. Sure, a primary use is for entertainment purposes, but what many people might not consider is that it is also quite useful for other things. For example, a teacher may use YouTube to search for animations which explain difficult concepts which would be otherwise hard to explain. A company might upload training videos for its employees to watch at their leisure from anywhere in the world. Whatever the purpose, there are certain videos which have become popular internet memes.

The 25 videos with which I present you now are certainly not the best videos on YouTube, nor are they the most widely known internet memes. They are merely videos which form a slice of the internet which I, personally, believe are worth watching (at least once).

If you haven't seen my first set of twenty-five YouTube videos, It is highly recommended.

25 Videos Worth Watching (at least once)

#25: Marble Machine 1

Matthiaswandel is a YouTube user who builds Marble Machines. If you're interested in this sort of thing, his other devices are also very interesting.

#24: Tokyo Wave Pool

I like water as much as the next guy, and I'm no social outcast. However, I'm going to pass on this little outing...

#23: Uhh... Magniturd?

When your occupation places you under the critical eye of thousands of people, (in the case of a newscaster, for example), Murphy's Law comes into effect pretty quickly. We are human, after all.

#22: City Council Fail

Along the lines of the last one: Murphy's rockin' the house tonight.

#21: Soviet Fashion Show

I admit, while the most famous Wendy's commercial is "Where's the Beef?", I like this one a little bit more. I just find it more comical.

#20: Swedish Chef

I've got a couple of thoughts on this one.

  1. Who comes up with this stuff?
  2. Thank God we somehow managed to end up relatively normal members of society after being brought up on this stuff.
  3. Who comes up with this stuff!?!

#19: Awareness Test

This is along the lines of the Awareness Test I posted in my last set of twenty-five. It's crazy, but we really can't see something we're not looking for if we're unfocused.

Previous Awareness Test, #4

#18: Tom Brier: Yoshi's Island Athletic Theme

Anyone who's played video games (nearly everyone these days), has played Yoshi's Island at least once. Hearing this played by a professional ragtime pianist is refreshing, to say the least.

The first run-through is a little rough because, well, it's the first time he's seen the music.

#17: Ragtime Super Mario Brothers 2

Another Super Mario Brothers Classic, this song was actually written to be played in a ragtime fashion. Nobody does it better than Tom Brier.

#16: Pipe Dream

Animusic is a wonderful music group which puts out great animations set to original music. Sure, some of it isn't the best in computer graphics, but this stuff isn't exactly new either. I did feature another one of their animations below, but they deserve to be featured twice.

#15: Dulamán

Méav Ní is a wonderful singer in her own right. A part of Celtic Woman, she is seen here singing Dulamán, a song about a woman who falls in love with a seaweed salesman.

If anyone hasn't seen Celtic Woman: Live at Slane Castle, I highly recommend it.

#14: Lance Burton

Cheesy? Yes.
Repetitive? Yes.
Mind-Boggling? Yes.

Worth a watch? Certainly.

#13: Jumping on to White Base

Along the lines of Ninja Info Cards, seen in my previous set of twenty-five. It is worth pointing out, perhaps, that in the original japanese version, the dialogue would be translated to "We're jumping on to white base... NOW!" as opposed to the "We're jumping on to white base... AAAAAAHHHHH!" That we get in the dub.

Ninja Info Cards, #13

#12: Whose Line is it Anyway?

In this skit, each actor takes the role of a television show while Drew Carey has the remote control. The category is chicken, but the result is hilarious.

"Chicken don't make me fat - Chicken make me big-boned."

#11: Skateboarding Ramp of Justice

Skateboarding is skateboarding. After all, how cool could it be. If you've seen one jump, you've seen them all, right? Probably not. This eight-story high ramp launches you more than 300 feet (longer than a football field). Are you up for a go?

#10: Olympics 2008 Marketing Campaign

Take it for what it is.

#9: Fløjte Hero.

Flute Hero, or Fløjte Hero, to be more accurate, is a great game. I recommend playing it here. Just watch out, the Tid Tilbage(?) runs out quickly. My high score was in the low 14,000 range. (No script, I wouldn't know how to do that off-hand).

#8: Wheezy Waiter: Top 5 Board Games

The Wheezy Waiter is another communitychannelesque type of comedian who shows us his favorite five board games (that he owns, but not really, because they're really only in his house).

#7: Swine Flu Rant

Speaking of CommunityChannel, here's another fantastic rant by Natalie.

#6: The Don't Look Now Effect.

Another Natalie Masterpiece. Don't deny it, you've all witnessed the Don't look Now effect. How many times have you looked over your shoulder in a cheesy slow-mo?

#5: The Sprinkler Rainbow Conspiracy

Alas, this is one of those instances in which I legitimately feel sorry for the poster of the video. No, I don't get the vibe that our lovely protagonist is merely joking when she's posting this video. Not everyone uses words like "Metallic Oxized Salts" (Perhaps she meant oxide or oxidized. I don't know).

"This cannot be natural."

For those of you who are unaware, following is a short description, from wikipedia, of the rainbow effect.

Rainbows can be observed whenever there are water drops in the air and sunlight shining from behind a person at a low altitude angle (on the ground). The most spectacular rainbow displays happen when half of the sky is still dark with raining clouds and the observer is at a spot with clear sky in the direction of the Sun. The result is a luminous rainbow that contrasts with the darkened background.

The rainbow effect is also commonly seen near waterfalls or fountains. In addition, the effect can be artificially created by dispersing water droplets into the air during a sunny day. Rarely, a moonbow, lunar rainbow or nighttime rainbow, can be seen on strongly moonlit nights. As human visual perception for colour is poor in low light, moonbows are often perceived to be white.[1] It is difficult to photograph the complete semi-circle of a rainbow in one frame, as this would require an angle of view of 84°. For a 35 mm camera, a lens with a focal length of 19 mm or less wide-angle lens would be required. Now that powerful software for stitching several images into a panorama is available, images of the entire arc and even secondary arcs can be created fairly easily from a series of overlapping frames. From an aeroplane, one has the opportunity to see the whole circle of the rainbow, with the plane's shadow in the centre. This phenomenon can be confused with the glory, but a glory is usually much smaller, covering only 5°–20°.

#4: Awesome Rube Goldberg Machine

Who likes Rube Goldberg Machines? You like Rube Goldberg Machines!
But, Epsilon5, What exactly is a Rube Goldberg Machine?

A Rube Goldberg machine is any machine which accomplishes an agreeably simple task in an arduously complicated fashion.

For example. the scene below is an immensely complicated machine designed to do one thing, other than impress; open the curtains.

#3: Amazing Skill

I consider myself to be skilled at Video games and the like, and especially enjoy the rhythm games. Yes, I do play Guitar Hero and Rock Band on Expert mode. However, when I tried this game first, I admit it took some getting used to. It has nine buttons, first of all, which was my immediate downfall. Five at the bottom and four at the top. Two of each color except for red, of which there was only one.

Complicated? Yes.
Insane? Yes.
Worth buying? No...

But this guy definitely has it down to an art form.

#2: Stop Motion: Western Spaghetti

This is the second time I've featured a Stop-Motion film in the top-five of a 25 Must See set. Is it because I particularly like stop motion? Not really. However, this one (and the last, for that matter), bring it back to what it should have kept with - an art form. (everything that Gumby and Thomas the Tank Engine killed)

Enjoy Western Spaghetti:

#1: History of the Internet

WARNING: You may learn something!!!


All kidding aside, this video wins first place (out of this set) because it is both entertaining and highly educational. I recommend it to anyone wanting to know just a little bit about how this world wonder we call the world wide web began, and how it works.

Which video did you like most?

Leave a comment in the comment section letting me know which video was your favorite and why. I'm very interested to know.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      All of my questions setn-edlthatks!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Ok. So we received a few cervtiae responses from you fans out there and are in the process of making those ideas into real, living, breathing songs. Our friend Margaret suggested a toddler anthem I am toddler, hear me roar! We hear you toddlers, as you are often deafening. So here are a few words inspired by all of you toddlers more to come: (c. The Rockdoves, 2011 Heart Rise Music) Cause I'm A Toddler What makes me think I can climb this treeEven if I'm only 2 3 ?Cause I'm a toddlerThat's what I tell ya'I'll show you right now how I can rock this trikeI like what I do and I do what I likeCause I'm a toddlerThat's what I tell ya'I'll make a tower so tall and knock it down with one swingAin't no one else here who can bring what I bringCause I'm a toddlerThat's what I tell ya'And though we might not have the words to say all that we'd wantWe know that we have got it and we're not afraid to flauntSo put your fist in the air and let the people know for sureI am toddler, hear me ROAR!!

    • Epsilon5 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Eastern Pennsylvania

      Thanks for watching!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Brilliant hub, great idea! I loved Natalie's video's 'Don't look now' haha soo true. The awareness video was cool 2, did not see the dancing bear lol. :-)


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