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YouTube: The Power of Animations

Updated on December 21, 2016
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YouTube: Animations

So you've been sitting there thinking to yourself; I really want to get on to YouTube. You have great ideas you want to share, you have a script you want to bring to life and you really want to be in control of everything- from directing to editing.

True, YouTube, and other similar websites can make anyone a star in the event that they have great, unique and original content, which all depends on how such content is presented. However, in the event that one does not wish to reveal their faces online, or may not have the necessary talent (actors, stuff or co-workers etc) to do so, then it becomes necessary to find the best possible solution. This my good friends is where Animation comes in.

I have seen some pretty decent animations online over the past 2 years. Apart from being used to advertise or do presentations (as is the case with tutorials and other academic stuff) there have been real good, unique and original animations ranging from comedy to a variety of other graphic animated series.

It is true that some of the best animation software can be very expensive; but why start with such expensive stuff when there are very cheap and free ones out there that can do a decent job? One of the biggest advantages of animations for making such videos is the fact that the possibilities are endless. One can create and present a full series using these animations. They can be manipulated to meet the desired outcome and used at any given time an idea comes to mind. One of the other biggest advantages of animation software is the fact that some, like go-animate are very easy to use, requiring no or very little training in animation. The fact that one can create their own animation within 10 minutes of less is impressive.

The reality is that a good number of people have very good ideas/content, but may be too shy or inadequately equipped to bring their ideas and content to life. This is why animations would be the best alternative. I have seen animate series on various websites grow to become some of the most subscribed channels, which shows that animations can be taken seriously by audience of all ages.

On the other hand, in the event that one does not intend to use animation for long, they can simply be used as a starting point until one is ready to use other means of bringing their content to life. Ultimately, great content will always be appreciated and grow in demand.

So what are some of the benefits of using animations you may ask?

Well, they are:

Easy to work with

There are numerous software online that can be used for animation purposes - While some are quite expensive, there are cheaper and even free ones to be found; the secret here is to work with different types of this software in order to find the best one that can be used with ease. The other big advantage here is the fact that a wide range or tutorials can be found on the internet (both as documents files and video presentations). This allows just about anyone to learn about and use these software within a few days if not a matter of hours.

Little or no cost

Rather than working with real actors on a script, I would argue that using animation for starters would be a better idea. This is because it allows the creator to have control over every aspect. This not only makes everything easier, but also cheaper on the part of the creator in that there are no extra costs. Although this may mean more time with some animations, the end product is exactly as the creator would want it to be. In the event that one may want to work with real actors in future, this also allows them to see what exactly the creator would expect of them along the way.


You have control over the creation, it is less stressful as compared to directing actual actors, and one can work with them at any given time- These are some of the benefits of animations, which means a lot of convenience for the creator. Even in the event that one may not want to do the actual work of animation, one can simply work with a good animator, directing every action to bring out the best work possible. Unless a creator has worked with a group of actors for a long period of time, there is no greater convenience than using animation.

Sharing this Christmas

Now What?

So, you feel you have great content you would like to share? Well? What's stopping you?Like I mentioned in my other post, there are endless tools that can be used for just about anything on the internet. There are countless tutorials on how to use them and all you have to do is simply read them up. There are endless possibilities with animation, and for most part, they are very easy to create with the right tools.

So, get up and get to work, and like Shia once said, "Do It, nothing is impossible" Yeah, I love that clip. But seriously, challenge yourself. Work on your stuff and put it out there for the world to enjoy; You may be a star in the process :) Cheers.

What would you recommend? be kind enough to share some of your experiences with us

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