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YouTube already allows you to enjoy movies on demand

Updated on May 12, 2011

The platform release includes 3,000 titles to its catalog, the result of agreements with film majors in recent weeks.

Hollywood means they were not misled. The audiovisual portal YouTube has expanded its services like digital video store and goes on to add new 3,000 films, which will enjoy for prices between $ 2.99 and $ 3.99 in the case of recentlyreleased films.

The new catalog includes major titles, both current and of worship, thanks to agreements reached by Google with Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and Universal.According to the blog of the platform, began yesterday and will be incorporatedgradually adding in the coming weeks.

The new offering from the site is not limited to the films themselves. YouTube manyextras included in each: "behind the scenes, cast interviews, parodies, trailers andremixes of some content creators and the community. The pages of each title will also be accompanied with criticism and analysis from the Rotten Tomatoes websiteto provide more feedback.

The 3,000 works are in addition to those already offered by YouTube previously.The portal allowed to view YouTube Movies some classic titles for free,independent films through the Screening Room and has expanded its portfolioeventually to some film festivals.
With this move, Google makes an important change to compete with other video services consolidated in the U.S. as Netflix or Hulu ..

You can even see a couple free movies, which is great for a boring weekend afternoon.

See the link list to take a look to this new cool feature.


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