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Best youtube group, best times to post videos, my experience, & editing software

Updated on March 26, 2016

Community Group Vs Sub4Sub Group; Which do You Prefer

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Information on The Best YouTube Group That I Have Been In

I not really a fan of most “Sub4Sub” groups as most of them I feel are pointless with an exception of a few. I would rather join a community of YouTubers that actually communicate with one another and help each other with videos such as doing collaborations, giving advice, etcetera rather than just posting a video, try to get people to sub and then sub to theirs and then eventually “Unsubscribe” to theirs which I feel is pointless and a waste of time. The best YouTube group that I know of is a facebook group called “New Awesome Youtuber Community!” I have join the group several months back and I have noticed that my views and subscribers have skyrocketed. Recently, I was promoted to an Admin position in the group. Here are the four rules of the Facebook Group that I help enforce to make sure that our group does not turn into another “Sub4Sub” group:

  1. If you’re new, you will be required to post an introduction about yourself and your channel (Even if you don't have a channel yet) Because this group is a community.
  2. NO SPAM and multiple post of the same thing! The group is supposed to be focused on YouTube; however, if you do post something off topic, depending on what the topic is and how often you do it, it’ll probably be ignored. We want this to be a community afterall.
  3. Any "Racist" "Sexist" or "Homophobic" comments will be removed.
  4. Do not question the admins unless you think it's important, we won't hesitate to kick anyone.

Here is the link to the group:


My Experience as a YouTuber so Far

YouTube is an interesting place to make videos and get paid for them and has been a fun part of my life; however, making a livable income is easier said than done. I do videos because I enjoy doing them, I don’t necessarily do them just for the money but I do somewhat care about the money because if I didn’t, I would not put ads on my videos. I have also made a lot of allies as a YouTuber and I have fun making videos with others.


Information About My YouTube Channel and Videos

I have created an account with the username “Rattle Zing.” I post a variety of different videos from vlogging, comedy, Q & A, making youtube series videos and recording interesting and funny things as they happen. As mentioned above, I do collaborations and work with other YouTubers. I currently use Sony Vegas Pro for my video editing; however, I use to use Windows Movie Maker and Audacity for editing as they were free and I was easily able to do what I wanted with those videos. Sony Vegas lets me do all that and a lot more in less amount of time. Here is a link to my channel:


Good Times to Post Videos

The times that have worked for me are Monday Through Friday from 9AM to 5PM (eastern) as this is the time a lot of people are at work and there are plenty of those that watch videos in their free time at work (and when they’re supposed to be working.) I find that I get a lot of views as well as plenty of sucess when I post videos before 4PM (usually at 3:54PM eastern) on Mondays.


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