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You ARE victorious

Updated on June 28, 2016

Life will send you in different directions with mountains, hills, and valleys, but if you remain faithful you'll make it.

Life gets hard. Very hard. You may find yourself poor, not having enough to eat, struggling to manage and pay bills. Your car may have been repossessed, your income tax may have been taken, you may have medical bills, children to feed, and may have just lost your job. You could be homeless or just a paycheck away from being homeless.

As you go through your difficulties and hard time people may begin to talk about you, (mock you and your God) and even question along with you if He’s still operating in your life.

You may have stopped going to church because you’re tired of the whispering and begging for money that you can’t afford to give. You may even question why serve a God that doesn’t seem to hear you anyway. You may even contemplate suicide as a way out of the turmoil causing the insanity in your mind. You don’t understand the point in all of this and why you’re going through, so you break down in tears of anguish at your life, your circumstances, your upbringing, and even God Himself because you’re just tired and you give up!

Beloved, don't give up. Hold on. All of your hard dedicated work will pay off and yield fruit. You will see the fruit of your hands. Don't give up because your blessings are on the way and you will see that you ARE victorious!


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