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You'll Be Shocked at How Dumb People Can Be!

Updated on January 29, 2016

24 of Humanity's Stupidest Moments!

It doesn't seem to matter if you dropped out in the 5th grade or graduated with PhD, we all have our dumb moments, but these take the cake!

When people were asked "What are some of the dumbest things you've seen people say and do?", their answers amazed me. Here are the top 24:

1. While on the job training someone I told new coworker that sometimes to clean the one pans you had to use a little "elbow grease".... was then asked where we kept it.

2. I make wine as a hobby. Somebody asked me if I put tequila, vodka or rum in to make it alcoholic.

3. While living in London as a college student and watching the Super Bowl live at 3am, one woman said, "should have called my dad to bet on this game tomorow... we would have been rich!"

4. I was to edit a photograph for a client. She had an old b&w photo of her great grandfather and she wanted me to remove his hat. I asked her what color his hair was, how it was parted, was it straight or curly....? She looked at me and states "Why are you asking me? You will see what color his hair is once you take his hat off". We then proceeded to have a discussion about 2 dimensional objects and she still didn't understand until I drew a face on a napkin and tore the hat off and asked her what color the hair was....

5. When people want to buy a snail or bottom feeding fish to eat the "allergies" in their tank. Allergy eater. You mean algae eater? Yes, an allergy eater.

6. I moved to Pittsburgh from Hawaii to go to graduate school. The registrar asked to see my passport. I said "will a drivers license do?" She said, "I'll need your Hawaiian passport."

7. Tried to convince my Nan the Sun is a star. Nope, apparently it's a really hot planet.

8. I'll only wear makeup from the body shop as its not tested on animals. A friend of mine insisted that hers wasn't either, even though she bought it from the market. I asked how she knew for sure...apparently there were no fur marks in the lipstick!

9. When I worked at a certain now-defunct video rental chain, I had a lady yell at me because the movie "You've Got Mail" wasn't shelved under "U" on the New Release wall

10. My husband had to work on Christmas day the first year he worked as a Prison Guard. His mother was indignant that her baby had to work on a holiday, and asked, in all seriousness "You mean they don't let the prisoners go home for Christmas?!?"

11. My husband is from Louisiana and during his time in the Navy sailors from other states would ask if he rode a boat everywhere because "the whole state is swamps."

12. I got into an argument with someone because they insisted that veal was baby lamb, not baby cow. I explained that lamb was baby sheep

13. Someone asked me why a bell would ring at a nearby intersection when all the lights turned red and I explained it was so that blind people would know it was safe to cross. She then asked me how deaf people would know when it was safe.

14. Once knew a girl who waited on a table that asked for Earl Grey, to which she replied, "i don't think he works here anymore."

15. In America we shy away from the word toilet. When we were in Ireland, I asked a shopkeeper where I could find a restroom. "You want to take a nap?" No- a bathroom. "You want to take a bath?" NO! A toilet!!! "Oh!!" It would've been funny if I hadn't had to pee so bad!!

16. I worked on a help desk and once had a customer ask if the zero in her password was upper case or lower case.

17. Once a co-worker said "I don't see why we need farmers, there are plenty of grocery stores."

18. Sales person pointing out the 'fox' leather interior. Faux. It was faux leather.

19. I once had a customer ask me if we sold "dresses that only have the bottom half". After taking a moment, I replied" I think you mean skirts"

20. We had two children & their family with Caucasian skin move from South Africa to rural Alabama. They confused people by calling themselves African american . They had dual citizenship .

21. "Let's go for a drive and see the animals" She tried to tell him that seeing animals was pure luck and they don't just come out to the road so the tourists can see them.

22. There was an earthquake in Ottawa, Ontario a couple of years back. While we were outside a building talking, a lady said to me, "What would we do if we were on a plane when this happened?"

23. My ex wife was watching the Westminster Dog show and asked my why they were cursing at the dogs. I asked what did she mean? She said they were calling some of the dogs bitches.

24. Gave a new hire a key for a locker and said" make a copy" 10 minutes later came back with a photocopy. Told her- go make sure it works.


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