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Your Indie Film or Television Show Online Without a Distributor How?

Updated on May 28, 2017

You have spent hours on the internet trying to find a way to get your independent film or television show online. You most likely have found several sites that give you some answers. These answers you have found are most likely not the ones you are looking for. Especially if you are the type of filmmaker that most of us independent filmmakers are. You lack funding. During your quest, you have found some distributors but unfortunately, they want money to get your film on certain sites. This is discouraging I understand. You’re an independent filmmaker you don’t have money or funding.

You probably went through quite an ordeal like I did. You had to fight for everything to just get your film made. You sacrificed your nights and weekends. You worked without sleep. You compromised on your locations, your cast, and your crew. You almost had a nervous breakdown several times during what in the beginning was your dream that you wanted to make come true. The only thing that kept you going was the coffee and the Doritos that you always had on set.

Now your show is completed and you have learned everything. You’ve knocked down every barrier that stood in your way. IMDB was no problem, editing was no problem, and you even learned how to do closed captioning. You were the fearless leader that everyone believed in. Now where does it go and how? If you have decided that you don’t want to go the film festival route and want the world to see your show now. You have a few choices Amazon Video Direct and YouTube.

Amazon Video Direct has started a new program and if you have a production company registered with your state you can use your EIN number to get your film on amazon. There are also other ways. I personally have a small production company so this is how I got in there. Depending on the content you may qualify for Prime which will help you out tremendously. You can decide how you would like others to view it. You can charge per view or run it free with ads the choice is yours.

Amazon Video Direct is for the independent filmmaker with several skills such as editing, audio, and closed captioning. You will have to save your movie file into a certain format and attach a separate closed captioning file then go through a quality check with Amazon before it is released to the public. All the information is available online to help you with closed captioning if you cannot afford to pay someone else to do it.

Youtube is another solution. For those who have an account with monetization especially if your show is episodic you can also make a small amount of money with each view. I personally have not tried it yet but will be looking into it. Currently, my trailer for my TV show is on Youtube. I was able to get monetization linked to my video so this has helped out a lot.

I also have one other company to share about distribution but I will hold off till I have a final answer with the company so I can fully explain how that process works.

Just remember it’s your independent project and there is really no 100% right way to do it or 100% wrong way to do it. Everyone has their own unique experience on how they have accomplished things.

Good luck and never give up.


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