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Your Peaceful Eyes

Updated on May 21, 2013
Riesh & Jessie rehearsing the song.
Riesh & Jessie rehearsing the song.

A song written way back in 2009.

This song goes for all people who falls in love selflessly and finds strength just by looking to the eyes of their loved one.

Hope you can find inspiration from this.

This song was an entry to KBP Pop Songwriting Contest 2010 in partnership with FILCOMDEC, Filipino Composers Development Cooperative.

After some time, it was announced that Your Peaceful Eyes was qualified to the semifinals. Since we only get to record a demo version of the song, we had to record it again but now, we have two arrangements of the song, the acoustic and full band.

Acoustic Version

We also did a full band version of the song. This is not very far from the acoustic but it has drums and other instruments.

Please listen also to this so you can compare.

Full Band Version

Thanks a lot!

Which version is better then?

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