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Your Sister's Sister Review

Updated on February 2, 2013

Movie Review

Last night I watched Your Sister's Sister starring Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass and Rosemarie Dewitt. The movie is about a man named Jack who is living a troubled life after the death of his brother the year before. His best friend Iris offers for him to go and stay at her family cabin, in a peaceful and secluded location. Jack decides to take up the offer for some alone time.

When Jack arrives at the cabin, he soon finds out that Iris's sister Hannah is also staying at the cabin. After an uncomfortable start, Jack comes out to find Hannah drinking by herself. He joins Hannah and they start talking and the drinks are going down fast. Hannah tells Jack that she has just broken up with her girlfriend of seven years. After a long night of talking and way too many drinks, Jack and Hannah sleep together.

The next day Iris turns up to Jack's horror and he swiftly tells Hannah to hide their secret from Iris. The three hang out together and it gives Iris and Hannah some much needed sister time together. While laying in bed chatting, Iris confesses that she is in love with Jack. Hannah feels horrible and Jack and Hannah decide to keep it from Iris.

It's not long until Iris finds out what happened between them and she is devastated. Things turn from bad to worse and all three of them are no longer on speaking terms.

Will Iris be able to forgive her sister? Will Hannah ever live it down? And will Jack and Iris end up together?

I really enjoyed this movie. I thought the acting was really good and the story was very real and down to earth. Mark Duplass was my favourite in the movie and I really admired his character. There were some funny parts in the movie that I really enjoyed but then it turned rather serious.

The story line was interesting and it kept me wanting to know more but the ending of the movie was extremely dissatisfying and you will know exactly what I mean if you have seen the movie or when you do see it. I found the end quite annoying as it didn't give me the answers I was looking for and was left wondering how it may have ended.

Apart from being disappointed with the ending, I'm still glad that I watched it and overall I did enjoy the film.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      THanks for the review on this movie. It is one that I will probably only watch if its avialable at the libary in the future.

    • peanuthead21 profile image

      Peanuthead 4 years ago from FT, Florida

      I enjoyed the first two acts of this movie as well. I think Mark Dupluss is rising actor/film maker and I enjoy everything his in. I find it very weird, that they had such a good movie and couldnt figure out a better way to end it.