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You're Too Old For That

Updated on October 28, 2012

30 and Up

We all reach a certain age where we want to be young, but lets face it, at 30 you are no longer young. Your not a senior citizen but your days of youthful encompassment are over. Here is just a list of things I see you 30ers doing that baffle me. Please take heed and stop now. We are not laughing with you, we're laughing at you. Enjoy!

Braids: No matter how you say it i.e. cornrows, platts, French braids etc, braids are played out. The young guys aren't even wearing them anymore. Give it up. Get a nice fade or a short frow. You are grown, people look up to you. Here is my final advice on the braid epidemic, if you are over 30 and your name isn't Willie Nelson or Snoop Dogg, its time to go get a haircut.

Jerseys: There are certain instances when a jersey is OK. If you are playing in a sporting event, the jersey is sufficient. If you are taking the trash out in the morning, the jersey is sufficient. If you are going to your 8 year old daughters piano recital, the jersey is a big no-no. I'm not saying go burn your jerseys, but don't wear them. They are a big fashion mishap, especially for your 30 year old behind. Even if Jay-Z messed up and wore one, it is still not Ok for you. R.I.P. to the Jersey.

Sagging Pants: When your 30 or any age for that matter, no one wants to see your underwear. I wont go into the history of the sagging pants trend,,because we have all heard it. What I will say is, pull your pants up. Get a belt. No well to do woman wants a man who can't hold her hand because he is too busy holding up his pants.

Social Network Beef: If you are new to the Internet, than Social Network Beef is news to you. Social Network Beef also known as Internet Beefing is when one Internet user types something about another user and the other user reciprocates with a greater than or equal to snipe. This ultimately turns in to a battle of words between the two users. This activity is reserved for teenage girls and celebrities. If you are neither, grow up. Its sad to see 40 year old women arguing on Twitter about what happened on Basketball Wives. Stop the cycle of page on page violences.


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