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Youtube: Vloggers

Updated on April 5, 2015

What is vlogging?

"Hello internet!" Today we are talking about vloggers. Which is a combination of the word video and blog and you will find, like the spelling of the word, a vlog is just a mix of the two. Vloggers make interesting videos about their lives and put them on the internet for anyone to see. For a long time, Vloggers have been striking up a lot of attention on Youtube. Although it may sound unlikely, hundreds of thousands of people regularly watch videos from these vloggers. And even though any person with a camera and enough free time can start a vlog online, some people have found their careers from their videos. Vloggers put a large amount of a time into their videos and are highly creative with them. These people have the ability to produce engrossing videos that can draw interest easily. Some of the best Vloggers can be found on Youtube. And millions of people subscribe and wait desperately for their favorite vloggers next video. This hub will point out five Vloggers worthy of any persons attention.


Charlie McDonnell, who couldn't get the name of "Charlie is cool", simply added a few words and settled with the name charlieissocoollike. Charlie is one of the first vloggers online, starting when Youtube began. Since then Charlie has gained over 2,000,000 subscribers following his videos. In his videos Charlie is able to utilize an innocent sense of humor. And although Charlie claims to be rather introverted, he appears to be a fun loving person that expends a large amount of his energy in his videos. Charlie can also include great morals and messages in his videos while staying entertaining and memorable as well. Charlie is someone that it's easy to connect with and can be a subject of empathy with thousands of people. Also, Charlie is able to create great videos that cover a large variety of subjects. Many of Charlies videos are very entertaining and are well though out too. Charlie has inspired many people to begin vlogging, making it appear as a great experience. Finally, one thing that is inspiring about Charlie, is that he does not make videos solely for others, but, for himself as well.


Nerimon is the internet alias of Alex Day, who happens to be the (former) roommate of Charlie and a popular vlogger on Youtube. The duo, along with other vloggers, have formed the band Chameleon Circuit and once formed the Sons of Admirals. Also, Alex produces his own music as well. Alex wrote the song "Forever Yours" which peaked at number 4 on the UK charts upon its release. Alex has also written songs such as "I know I've got what it takes" "stupid, Stupid" and "Good Morning Sunshine" which are all accompanied by music videos on his channel. Along with his music, Alex produces videos every week on his life and other topics. Alex has a good element of comedy and produces videos that are a little more adult then Charlie's. Alex is able to make any situation seem interesting and funny and all of his ideas are creative as well. Alex is a very outgoing vlogger with a distinct fashion style and aura about him that easily attracts people to his channel.

Wheezy Waiter

Wheezy Waiter, channel name of Craig Benzine, has accumulated hundreds of videos on Youtube; and each of these videos generates thousands of views. Many fans can be seen in the comments claiming proudly that they have seen every video and don't intend to stop watching new ones that are released. Craig has asthma and that, combined with being a waiter (at the time), generated his name of Wheezy Waiter. Craig is a very consistent vlogger producing multiple videos each week, which always prove to be interesting. Most of the videos are about what's occurring in the news and what is happening in his life. Craig has produced over 1000 videos and is still going strong to this day. Also, throughout the years, a very loyal fan base has emerged, supplying about 100,000 views a video. These fans that watch Wheezy Waiter are referred to, in Craig's videos, as "Beard Lovers". Meaning that the person enjoys Craig's beard and "general Wheezy Waiter-ness". Craig is involved in a wide variety of internet videos that are commonly seen outside of his channel. Craig has also been able to coin many popular terms among vloggers such as "Doobly-doo", which refers to the description box of a video. With tons of running gags and in-side jokes, people can feel that Craig is just like a close friend they have spent a lot of time with.


Dan Howell is a rising vlogger, who recently has hit 4,500,000 subscribers on Youtube. Dan lives in London with his friend and fellow vlogger, Phil Lester. The two also happen to host a radio show on BBC radio 1 in London. The two, more recently have started a gaming channel as well, Dan and Phil gaming, adding to the Let's Play craze. Dan is able to take an unfortunate situation in his life and make it into something to laugh at. During his videos, Dan reminisces on these moments and discusses them with the internet. Also, Dan helps people out with their own problems as well. Dan refers to the channel as an internet support group where Dan is able to deliver valuable advice. Dan's shy and even awkward personality in life is constantly landing him into interesting and unexpected situations he must then find a way out of. However, when vlogging, all shyness is shed and Dan becomes a funny and outgoing person looking to share his stories. Dan can make a boring situation seem hilarious and can capture and hold your interest throughout the video.


Phil Lester vlogs on Youtube and, with Dan, produces The Super Amazing Project which is a show on Youtube the features the two. Phil has been on Youtube for about seven years and has created a fan base of almost 2,500,000 subscribers along with over 200 videos. Phil is able to vlog about things that most people would be able to relate to in their own lives. Like Dan, Phil's is able to turn the awkward situations he gets himself into outside of the internet into clever videos and well told stories. And Phil never seems to run out of ideas to talk about in his videos. His videos are very energetic and upbeat with a good comedic side to them. Phil talks about all of the funniest things that happen to him and is not afraid to laugh at himself.

Which of the five is the best vlogger?

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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      I have never seen or heard any of these Vloggers but they all sound very popular and from your descriptions I can see why they would attract lots of regular viewers. Very interesting hub. Thanks for sharing.