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Youtubers Worth Watching

Updated on October 20, 2014

Lindsey Stirling

With her own unique take on music, this dub step violinist brings a fresh new sound to her viewers and listeners. Dancing her way through the performance, while at the same time playing every note, Lindsey Stirling has a sound and style that everyone is sure to love!

Lindsey and her shadow dancing and playing a duet together.

Lindsey Stirling playing her original song Crystallize in the Ice Castles of Colorado

"[Her music is] Inspirational, awe-inspiring, an encourgement to people everywhere. [It] Inspires high achievement."

— A listener of Lindsey Stirling

Taylor Davis preforming her cover of the Downton Abbey Theme song

Taylor Davis

Bringing a classic and elegant touch Taylor Davis gives her listeners a unique and softer, yet often edgy sound.

Cover of Duel of The Fates from Star Wars

Peter Hollens and his wife Evynne Hollens in a Phantom of the Opera Medley

Peter Hollens

The vocally talented Peter Hollens not only sings, but makes every instrumental sound using only his voice and mouth. Yes, you read that right! Using only his vocal talents he provides the music and the lyrics!

Misty Mountains cover from the movie The Hobbit

Photo attribution goes to Gage Skidmore
Photo attribution goes to Gage Skidmore | Source

Nick Pitera

This is a talent not to be challenged! Nick Pitera, a brilliant vocalist, not only sings the male lead of his covers, but also the female lead! Known for his "One Man" performances he is definitely one worth watching.

One Man Phantom of the Opera Medley

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Fun Facts

  • Peter Hollens has worked with Lindsey Stirling, Taylor Davis, and Nick Pitera!
  • Nick Pitera also works as a animator at Pixar!

© 2014 Bakerosity


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    • Bakerosity profile image

      Bakerosity 3 years ago

      Thank you :) I'm glad you found it to be enjoyable.

    • esmonaco profile image

      Eugene Samuel Monaco 3 years ago from Lakewood New York

      Outstanding music and videos!! Nice job I enjoyed ever bit of it :)

    • Bakerosity profile image

      Bakerosity 3 years ago


    • indianreel profile image

      HK 3 years ago from London

      Creatively shot.... Cool hub...