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Yuri Lane - Hip Hop & Beatbox Musician

Updated on March 7, 2011 flickr flickr

An Idol of Mine

 It just occurred to me today to write a short article about this guy after I recieved an email from my hubpages friend Lyricsingray yesterday saying she had checked out my harmonica videos on youtube. She told me she is just starting out on the 'harp' and I gave her some tips and advice on staying intune with what other harpers are doing, I recommended one young guy who teaches basics such as beatles songs, 'Love me do' is the first song which helped me master the bending technique, I really should do some more videos explaining all of this but Ive let that slip with everything going on in my life at the moment.

I'm basically writing this hub because this guy is so unique and I know a lot of my followers will find it entertaining and cool, I have tried copying one of his videos that I saw and I will point that one out later on in the article but I have resigned to the fact Im not ready to learn full on beatboxing yet! I just find Yuri so cool but I'll stick to what I began learning, examples of stuff I researched was Blues riffs, 12 Bar Blues, (Bo Diddley, Little Walter and Johnny Lee Hooker), Led Zeppelin(Bring it on Home), Aerosmith(Pink), Black Sabbath(the Wizard), Beck, Neil Young are just to name a few, but I digress.. these were for Lyrics if shes reading or anyone who wants a few harp songs to checkout. flickr flickr

 I thought it was only suited to begin the videos with Blue's harp, apologies for the slightly poor quality of photographs, but from what you can tell he is obviously performing at a blues venue in the latter photograph and this is all I could find on flickr. The things blues players could do with the harmonica really evolved it as a musical instrument, they not only played notes they would speak into the holes and use vibrato, bending and other tongue movements. These are all things Yuri had to learn, and its amazing how he can apply all of things whilst simultaneously creating beat box sounds with his diaphragm. I find it hard to produce Blues riffs mainly because it takes alot of breath and I have asthma, imagine how much breathing practice Yuri has done!

This is one of my favorites because he has made it into 'music video' status, I say ditch MTV, stick this on TV! you can check out the rest of the videos at

Yuri really has progressed Blues, he is one of the leading influences for young people today to take an interest into Blues harmonica and harmonica culture in general. He even wears a Trilby hat! I am so envious, he is another person who can do that flicking of the tongue technique I can't do, like when you pronounce a Mexican word, he uses this to create a new sound on the harp which many harpers can't do!

He has made a short film in 2002 entitled 'Compulsory Breathing' about a suicidal beat boxer who lives in San Francisco and was directed by David Munro. yuri has also starred in a few other films and studied for a long period of time at the American Conservatory Theater.

Tunnel Echo Harmonica

This is a video Yuri made on vacation I believe, there are numerous videos of him in European cities on his youtube profile, and you can also see he is a snazzy dresser who can bust a move(dance). I am going to end this article with a video of me playing the solo in Black Sabbath's 'The Wizard' so you can see how I can't dance and just to give a contrast to emphasize how brilliant Yuri is! You need to move around when harping, it lets the emotions flow out through the music. I will try and produce more Harmonica articles in the near future and maybe explain how to play various songs and tips because there is little room for advice giving on the actual youtube site.


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    • Richieb799 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Cardiff, Wales UK

      Hey man, glad you enjoyed! thanks for looking :D

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for bringing this guy to my attention. Super! I'm inspired again.


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