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Yuriko Yoshitaka, The Japanese Actress That Has Won Many Awards and Can Even Speak English!

Updated on September 4, 2017

A first look at the actress Yuriko Yoshitaka

This photo was taken in 2012 for Weekly Playboy Magazine in 2012.
This photo was taken in 2012 for Weekly Playboy Magazine in 2012. | Source

Who is Yuriko Yoshitaka and how did she become famous?

Yuriko Yoshitaka known as Yoshitaka Yuriko in Japan is a Japanese actress born in Tokyo. Born on July 22, 1988, Yoshitaka achieved success at 18 when she was awarded for being the best newcomer for Noriko No Shokutaku or Noriko’s Dinner Table in English. That award that she received was given to her during the 28th Yokohama Film Festival. Also during the 32nd Japan Academy Prize in 2008, she won an award for Rookie of the Year. She has appeared in one TV movie as of this writing. The title of that movie is called “Average” and it was broadcast on Fuji TV in 2008.

Note: I first started to cover the life and career of Yuriko Yoshitaka back in 2012.

Yuriko Yoshitaka: her TV drama roles

Yuriko has also appeared in many TV dramas to date. Her debut came in 2006 when she starred in Jiko Keisatsu. Some of the other TV dramas that she has been in are Handsome Woman in 2006, Homeroom on the Beachside in 2008, Love Shuffle and Tokyo Dogs in 2009, and The Reason I Can’t Find My Love in 2011.

Yuriko Yoshitaka holds a concert to raise awareness about AIDS and she has starred in commercials as well

In addition to her acting, Yuriko has been involved in commercials and humanitarian work. In August of 2010, she appeared in a commercial for Essential’s Damaged Hair shampoo product. Nozomi Sasaki and Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu were also a part of this event as they appeared to promote the product. Yuriko introduced herself by speaking in Chinese! In December 2010, Yuriko along with other Japanese artists was part of a huge concert that was called “Act Against AIDS.” This concert was held in honor of AIDS day. That shows her humanitarian side which is a wonderful thing. The concert was held in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. In October 2011, she appeared in a commercial for the famous Japanese fashion brand United Arrows. The commercial has two versions. In the first version, Yuriko is seen standing on the platform of a train station. She really wants to see her boyfriend and this wanting to see him becomes too much for her to handle and promises that she will love him as much as she does now even 50 years later. In the second version, Yuriko recites the most popular line from the Japanese drama Beautiful Life.

Yuriko Yoshitaka on the cover of a magazine


A look at Yuriko Yoshitaka's personal life

As for her personal life, Yuriko revealed in March 2011 that one of her previous boyfriends had cheated on her when she was still a student. At the time, she said that she was not involved in an affair but if she had a boyfriend that cheated on her now, she said that she would try to know more about human nature. She said that this knowing of human nature would allow her to forgive the person that cheated on her. It was at this time that she was promoting her photo book titled “Yoshitaka Yuriko UWAKI.” Yuriko is an actress that combines talent and a really cute appearance.

Yoshitaka has gotten more roles because of her talents

Because Yuriko is as diverse and talented as an actress, her movie roles are numerous at her young age of 24. She has had roles in other movies such as Tokyo Rhapsody, A Girl in the Sunset, Robo G and a two part series called “We Were There.” That two part series is based on a comic. She starred star in A Story of Yonosuke in 2013. Yuriko is now signed to the talent agency Amuse. She stands at 157 centimeters tall. In the Spring of 2011, Yoshitaka was involved in an amazing moment in her career when she starred in the movie “Konzen Tokkyu” In that movie, it was the first time that she would be in a wedding dress! That is a pretty special moment. She even held a press conference for that movie. She revealed during the conference that she would like to try skydiving someday. Recently, it was revealed that Yuriko would star in a Korean drama called Vampire Prosecutor 2 which started to air in Korea in September 2012.

Yuriko Yoshitaka at the Tokyo International Film Festival (August 2012)

Yuriko Yoshitaka's breakthrough moment as an actress that allowed her to become a star

There are few greater moments in the life of a celebrity than receiving an award for their performance in a movie. Japanese actress Yuriko Yoshitaka received this honor and distinction in 2012 at the 33rd annual Yokohama Film Festival. She received an award for best actress. She was so excited to receive the award that she was very grateful that this film festival gave her the opportunity to experience this victory. It is a victory for her because she worked very hard at her job. The award came five years after she was given the best new actor award at the very same film festival. In addition to this honor, Yuriko also appeared at the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival in August 2012 dressed in a stunning black dress that had an open back side. That dress made Yuriko very elegant and sexy as she certainly was something to pay attention to. Of course, Yuriko was not the only one to show up in public wearing such a revealing and sexy dress. Actress Aya Ueto also wore that kind of a dress when she was awarded the Japan Fashion Award in the middle of December 2012 before the new year of 2013. And who can forget the stunning, dark red dress that actress Satomi Ishihara wore? In addition to that dress, Yuriko showed her amazing figure by walking in nice black high heels which only showed her elegance, charm, and sexiness. This confirms Japanese women’s obsession with great fashion sense. They want to make themselves look great and Yuriko sure did a great job with her fashion sense as she is also really cute. This stunning 27 year-old Japanese beauty certainly has made a major name for herself at such a young age and should be a household name for years to come in Japan’s entertainment industry.

Yuriko Yoshitaka in the famous 2011 photo shoot for Weekly Playboy Magazine


Yuriko Yoshitaka Can Also speak English!

In 2015, Yoshitaka revealed that she had spent ten months abroad. That period was spent traveling to various countries. These include the United States, Spain, South Korea and the Philippines. Yoshitaka even said that she attended a school on Cebu Island. That time was spent studying very hard. She was studying English at that time. In doing so, Yoshitaka has not only increased her chances of landing even more roles in feature films but she has put herself in very exclusive company. She joins Aika Mitsui, Makoto Ogawa, and Saki Aibu as other Japanese celebrities to have studied English. Will Yuriko make it to Hollywood in the future? Time will tell but she certainly took a bold step to improve her career prospects. She has finally become an adult in her opinion. In October 2015, she starred in her first stage play called Daigyakusou.

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