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Yurina Sato, Japanese Fashion Model from Aomori Prefecture

Updated on December 10, 2017

Photos of Yurina Sato in various colors of dress


A brief overview of what supermodels do

Supermodels are plenty in number worldwide. They come from so many different countries and they each speak their own language. What country comes to your mind when it comes to supermodels? Chances are that you probably think about countries such as the United States, Brazil, Italy, or England. But Japan also has lots of supermodels or gravure idols as they are sometimes known. Yurina Sato is one such person.

About Yurina Sato

This Japanese supermodel (gravure idol) is originally from Aomori Prefecture and she made her modeling debut back in 2000. She was born on February 5, 1981. She is also a race queen. What do race queens do? They typically make appearances at auto shows and dress up by wearing min skirts. And miniskirts are a huge part of the Japanese culture. You could say that this is part of the Japanese woman’s fashion identity. As part of her activities, she made an appearance for CUSCO/ Team Gaikokuya in 2008. She has appeared in several TV commercials for companies such as HIS, NTT Docomo and Konica cameras. She has released at least 13 DVDs including her most famous one called “Temptation Dream.” She has also put out 3 photo books. Her name is sometimes spelled "Yurina Satoh."

Yurina Sato in a swimsuit


What does Yurina Sato do when she is not modeling?

In her spare time, Yurina Sato does a few very interesting things. She is very much interested in being physically fit and athletic. So it is no surprise that she enjoys volleyball, swimming, watching horse races, or even cooking. She even enjoys walking, sleeping, and working as a bookkeeper. One other interesting thing worthy of mention is that Yurina has been involved in many photo shoots where she is dressed in lingerie or a uniform that looks like she is dressed as a maid.

Yurina Sato in Photos Slideshow

A map of Aomori Prefecture, Yurina Sato's birthplace


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