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Zac Efron- Who Would Have Thought?

Updated on May 3, 2013

So, I have to admit it... I've become a fan of Zac Efron. I never thought I would say it, but it's true. He seems to be the epitome of everything I hate about young Hollywood: a young kid with nothing but a cute smile and a great head of hair sings and dances his way through some Disney whatever and all of the sudden he's a superstar. Of course I couldn't really make an educated judgment about his talent until recently (after all, I was to old to watch High School Musical 15 years ago). So, when I watched 17 Again last night, I was pleasantly surprised by his performance.

First off, 17 Again is one of those predictable teen flicks in the tradition of Freaky Friday that generally make me feel a little ill. I wouldn't even have watched it on my own, so I guess I owe the credit to my 13 year old niece for making me rent it. I actually enjoyed it more than I would have imagined. There were several well thought out characters, obviously placed for the parents in the crowd. The best friend cum fake father of the Zac Efron character has to top that list. Who among us isn't a little satisfied to see a full on nerd go on to become the nerd with all the money, and to watch him get the girl?

Still, Zac Efron was the movie. He absolutely stole every scene he was in. With his wonderfully expressive face and emotive voice, he was able to evoke a response from even the most cynical among us. In one scene in particular he is dancing with his “wife”. The sense of intimacy between them is nearly palpable, and in an instant he transitions seamlessly into comedy with the same perfect timing you see throughout the movie. His delivery is absolutely flawless. I will definitely look for more of his movies in the future... though I may still pass on the High School Musical trilogy.

So, for all of us new fans, the stats:

Name: Zachary David Alexander Efron

Birth date: October 18, 1987

Sign: Libra

Home town: Arroyo Grande

Height: 5'10

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Watch for:

Me and Orson Wells

The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud

Johnny Quest


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