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Zac Efron drops condom at movie premiere

Updated on February 24, 2012

Zac Efron drops condom at Premiere

Zac Efron was posing for pics recently at the premiere of The Lorax. The actor was posing and while he was posing, a condom dropped from his pocket.

Witnesses say that Efron went into his pocket to grab something to give to his assistant, and when he took his hand out of his pocket, an item that looked like a condom came flying out. A video of the incident is floating around now.

The actor didn't seem bothered by it. Efron looked over at his assistant and witnesses say he mouthed "oh my God" and took the small, square package and casually placed it back into his pocket. Efron then put on some shades and posed for photos. The actor then took a little timeout and turned around to have a little bit of a laugh and then continued to pose for the cameras again.

Efron handled the situation very well and showed fans that accidents do happen and can happen anywhere and anytime. Efron also showed people that he can handle embarrassing situations with class and grace.

The actor stars alongside Taylor Swift in the animation film. As of recently, the actor has been romantically link to actress Lilly Collins. Swift actually taught Efron how to play the guitar, and Efron praised Swift. He called Swift a very good teacher. He also said that in the past when people tried to teach him to play guitar he would doze off but Swift made it easy for him. Efron now knows how to play a little bit.

The Lorax not only features Efron and Swift, but even Danny DeVito jumped aboard. Betty White even lends her voice in the film, as well as Ed Helms and Rob Riggle. The Lorax sounds as if it is going to be a big hit.


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