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Zero Hour Episode Review: "Pendulum"

Updated on March 2, 2013
It's actually one hour.  A week.
It's actually one hour. A week. | Source

If you have not watched the first two episodes of ABC's "Zero Hour", then this hub will likely make zero sense. The easiest way for me to describe it would be a cross between "The Da Vinci Code" and "National Treasure," but not in a good way. Yet, I can't stop watching.

The show focuses on a conspiracy from 1938 that the New Twelve Apostles were protecting "something" from the Nazis. We don't know what that "something" is yet. Flash forward to our time, and this conspiracy has taken over the life of Hank Galliston (Anthony Edwards.) His wife Leila (Jacinda Barrett) has been kidnapped by Vincent (Michael Nyqvist), a man that the Nazis created. That's correct, it appears he has no biological parents. And silver eyeballs. He kidnapped Leila because she can fix clocks.

The clocks seem to be the focus of the show, as they are searching for twelve of them to unravel this mystery. This episode had Hank (who is working with the FBI even though he isn't in the FBI) discover that Albert Einstein was one of the new apostles. I could not make this stuff up. After Hank's young nerdy friends (Addison Timlin and Scott Michael Foster) figure out that the clock at the Einstein museum isn't the real clock, a FBI agent somehow understands Einsten's blackboard equations and deciphers the location of clock #3. Still with me?

Also, we learn this episode that Hank and Leila have several things they do together that is now helping her leave a trail. They involve gum, library books, and yellow thumb tacks. We learn this through flashbacks so she can use them in this episode. It seemed really rushed. Then again, the whole show runs at a unbelievable fast pace, so it's not that unexpected.

I did like how Vincent isn't that dumb, and caught on to Leila leaving a trail. Hank follows the yellow thumb tacks trail, but it was left by Vincent! (I didn't know they sold boxes of just yellow thumb tacks.) Vincent wants to know how Hank and Leila met. He also keeps calling Hank "brother." I hope they don't go they route, but they probably will.

After Vincent freaks out and tries to look at Hank's eyeball, the FBI shows up and a chase ensues. See, Vincent killed the husband of FBI agent Beck Riley (Carmen Ejogo) in a plane crash. As Vincent is escaping, Beck finally gets to give him a piece of her mind and let her know what his collateral damage meant to her. Vincent then says "Maybe he wasn't just collateral damage. Maybe everyone else was." OK now this show is reminding me of Lost.

Back at home base, the nerds find an equation written on a piece of paper in the clock. Einsten's final thoughts. I wonder what Einsten's final thoughts on this episode would be, as we find out that there are new Shepherds protecting relics from people known only as The Great Pirates. One of the pirates appears to be a eight year old boy.

The episode reveals what Einsten's final message was, and it is that he figured out how to destroy God. I beg you all, if you have not watched this show, please watch next week. It really is this ridiculous.

EDIT: ABC just canceled Zero Hour. Effective immediately. They may show the remaining episodes this summer.


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