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Zodiac signs & Corona

Updated on March 20, 2020

It is important to follow the instructions and stay home in order to keep ourselves-but mostly the susceptible and the elderly- healty and safe. This is a rule we should all know and of course follow, but meanwhile..all this time we are in our own home, we shouldn't be miserable, but be patient and


What about this article? Grab some cheaps & sweats (come on, I know you supplied yourself) and find yourself in this article! Don't forget to comment your sign & If you agree.


Read down below:

Zodiac signs & funny reactions to the "prison" they need to stay in.



This fire sign is having sex all day long and the time it isn't, is complaining and becoming angry about the situation. Then is having sex again. Maybe becoming salty over a video game.



For the free birds, too much masturbation isn't really healthy my friend..



He is the main reason you can't find any spaggeti and salt in the market.

He is the main reason you ran out of alcohol & anticeptic.

He is the main reason you don't have any paper roll to wipe your poopoop.


He is out there waiting the doors of any store to open before 7.00 am with a creepy smile on his face and eventually leaving with 15 packages of spaggeti, 20 bottles of alcohol & anticeptic and of course as many paper rolls as the car fits. Just because he have seen other people do it.

In the end of the day he is wondering what to do with all of that..



What a gemini does all day long is flirting through Tinder but also Instagram or Facebook...

The most desperate ones are talking through pink lines or live videos. These signs can also flirt through OMEGLE.

No, no.. Jane, your place isn't judging other signs.. You're a Scorpio after all, you shouldn't talk.



For a Cancer, everything is normal, since he was stuck at home all day anyway.. under his pillow, doing absolutely nothing.

His answer on the questions "How's everything going?" or "Are you okay" is

"Ah what changed?", then is getting emotional.





Spending all day long dressing up with their favourite clothing pieces from their closet,

-YAAS, don't fool yoselves, we talkin 'bout a QUENS wardrobe outta there-

filming tik toks, uploading 178 selfies a day in the same couch by different angles, watching YouTube videos and trying to be an influencer because if not now,




Feeling happy and in peace, since he is a full time cleaner now that he doesn't work. Supplied with 7842951 cleaning buddies, even before the Corona Virus, spreading alcohol all over the house (did that every Friday anyway).. Also showing a big middle finger to all taurus, since he doesn't need to wake up early and run to the stores

wasting time out of cleaning!




Staying in bed all day long, crying and hugging tissues now that all fashion stores, malls, nail & makeup art saloons, as well as gyms and solariums are closed duo to Corona Virus.


Even if the supermarkers closed, their No1 concern would always be their beauty. Because "we should look cute in our coffin, too, sis!"



Eating everything that stands in their way, very close at eating their pets many times.. Having everything they need on their bed next to them, because why stand up? Food supplies are HELLA IMPORTANT and we need them 24/7 by our side. Getting 2 kilos a day but don't actually care. Sometimes they're ordering junk food because they are too bored to cook..

Don't ask me where I know this from..

WELL YES, I'M A FUCKING SCORP.. *potato chips sound in the backround*


...are currently under close monitoring by cameras due to the fact that


and not go outside.

Rumours say that they are using the excuse of going their dogs for a walk and they don't actually appear for at least 3 hours, because

"What we can do? The dog shits a lot"

Most of the people you see out there, fearless and chilled, accompanied by an iced latte under the sun...(with a dog or not)




Working from home 24/7, after a full day of depression, since the company he works closed temporarily, due to Corona Virus..

On his breaks, he is controling other people and motivating them to work also, because if they already don't, they are lazy failures.


But they don't do so many breaks actually..



Stating his frustration about the situation online, spamming hate comments and posts, about the elderly taking all the paper rolls as well as the gonvernment and their wrong decisions about the current situation. Generally,


preaching he doesn't get Corona Virus.

Then he is inviting people home to help him chill with dru..aham HUGS and they're thinking about possibly having a drink in the park after..



He is wandering around the city with a constant - WTF is going on- on his face. He is hanging out everyday wondering what's going on but doesn't care too much to find out..

It is likely they don't even know the existence of Corona Virus and IF they EVER find out (i doubt it) they will leave the city right away because of



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